From day one, we’ve felt like Brand Thunder was approaching a million downloads of our branded browsers. It’s just at day one; you’re still a million away. Now, we’ve passed the 500,000 mark. It feels good.

We’re not at our goal, but well on our way. And, I think once you take out hard work, good fortune and sheer luck – a lot of the credit has to do with goal setting. It’s one of those every day bits of advice you get and it’s amazing how often it rings true.

Thinking along those lines, here are some ideas around goal setting that we find useful. These should feel familiar, and hopefully this is a good reminder:

1. Write it down.

That simple action alone increases your odds of reaching the goal. If you add the SMART elements (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time), you increase your odds even further.

2. Begin with the end in mind.

I’m sure most of use have read or heard of Covey’s “Seven Habits.” Habit 2 is a great line to remember, and it’s useful in so many ways – from creating company direction, to executing a project. When you think about where you want to be, it’s easier to work backward and determine the necessary steps to get there. For us, that boils down to a combination of solid design, easy-to-use product and a quantity of business partners.

3. Take action.

I think part of the value in writing down goals is that’s an early action that builds momentum, and once you’ve got movement it’s easier to sustain. With the goal written down, and the steps to reaching it defined, it’s a whole lot easier to move from step to step.

4. Celebrate the little victories.

This is easy to overlook or forget, but it’s quite important, whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur or working with a team. We all do better with a little reward or acknowledgment. We’re trying to get better at this and an example was issuing a press release for being nominated for an award. We didn’t want to miss out in a case we didn’t win (which we did!). I try to acknowledge the team’s value, and this was a way to shout it externally for a change.

5. Review.

This is especially true for a start up, where the business you start creating is seldom the business you finish with. Reviewing along the way helps you see what adjustments need to be made, rather than finding yourself too far down a wrong path. So, along with the New Year’s resolutions, I’m working on the Year End Review.

6. Repeat.

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