Taking the leap from the corporate world to join a start up company can be a scary thing and create a sense of uneasiness to many people.  During my process of deciding if making this change was the right move or not I weighed heavily on three major factors: proven success, ideal business model, and the existing team.

Just the idea of joining a company that has been existence for less than the lifespan of my favorite blue jeans was enough to make shiver at first.  After doing my research and after endless numbers of conversations with the team, I started to realize that Brand Thunder already had proven success.  This is when name-dropping was more than appropriate.  I research recent clients such as Sugarland, Huffington Post, and the Washington Capitals; Brand Thunder and the Browser solution was no joke, and the common phrase we use popped into my head, “I just get it!”

The second area I took a close look at was the business model and how Brand Thunder was going to move forward.  I was able to see that this start up wasn’t just about getting a few clients here and there to pay the rent.  Brand Thunder was getting into position to own the market.  Without getting into specific details, the vision of this team was much bigger than today, and the pieces were in place to move forward.  The tool that Brand Thunder used the most is the tool that drew me in, EXCITEMENT.  I couldn’t talk to anyone on the team without noticing the excitement for company and the product, and let me tell you, its contagious.

Similar to any career change someone will make, the people you could be surrounded by for endless days/hours make a difference.  I was able to see right away that Patrick believed in the team, individually, and as a whole.  Granted, those of you reading this may only know a few of us, one of us, or even just know our names from reading about us, but this company wouldn’t be making the progress it is without great people involved.  And that to me was more than enough proof that Brand Thunder was more than a startup, it was a new place for me to call home.

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