In a historic political season with financial crises and world events keeping people attuned to their favorite news sources, Brand Thunder is releasing a custom browser theme for the Huffington Post (you can read the press release here). Pretty good timing.

The Huffington Post ranks as the most visited news blog. With the desire for breaking news running high and the powerful draw of the Huffington Post bloggers – this feels like a marketer’s dream of strong name recognition, a sense of urgency to “act now” and a legitimate need for the consumer.

While timing is good – it’s a single element in our effort for continuous improvement. And continuous improvement is likely the more important item for the startup. So, while this release provides good timing, it also provides a more streamlined user experience and a better awareness campaign.

• A streamlined user experience – by including a full browser bundle in addition to the custom theme for Firefox. Any user, whether Firefox or not, can get the custom Huffington Post experience with a simple, single download and installation.

• Better awareness campaign – by providing the Huffington Post with banner assets to promote the custom browser on their site (you’ll find a permanent banner ad for the custom browser theme on this page). We deal with our product every day, we know how to talk about it and we did that on behalf of our client.

Each improvement, from product to promotion, resulted from the review of past product launches where we listened to the wishes and desires of our partners, and assessed the difficulties of the end user. These little post-mortems don’t take long, but they occur with our team and our clients by simply asking “what could have been better?” And it’s always good timing to learn that.

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