Playing baseball in my youth, I was told to get back to basics when my hitting was off. It meant stop all the unnecessary things I was doing when I got up to bat, and instead refocus on the stance, bat position and keeping my eye on the ball. I’m finding the same refocus necessary in this start up.

The core items we focus on at Brand Thunder are:
• Telling our story – building awareness to our prospects and clients
• Selling our product – the calls, emails and contracts to actually sign a partner
• Developing our technology – process and implementation improvements for a sustainable and scalable business

The past five weeks have seen a total rework of all prior custom browser themes for compatibility with Firefox 3, the launch of four new clients (with a fifth coming any day) and the inclusion of a key business model component. And, all are vital to our business. But now that the rush is over, rather than relax, enjoy and get distracted – we’re refocusing on the basics. Doing the fundamental things necessary to build this business and keep doing it until the next rush of work hits, and it starts with picking up the phone.

If you have business fundamentals that you find valuable, we’d love to hear them – especially if you feel their applicable to our efforts. Post the comments here, or you’re always welcome to give us a call.

2 responses to “Getting Back to Start-up Basics – Refocus after a Rush of Work

  1. I enjoyed your post. You are so right about the basics. It is so easy to be busy doing things that are important, that the basics get ignored.

    I now have a list of at least 5 things that I MUST do each day that are revenue generating so that the tasks don’t keep me from the big picture.

  2. Phyllis… thanks for the note. Feel free to share your five. Since I’ve only got three on my list, I’d hate to think I’m missing something important ;-)

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