Brand Thunder Inc ( announces the first use of its innovative browser tool within the music industry via their client Geffen Records and artist NLT.

NLT is the first musical group with their own customized web browser ( “Brand Thunder’s customized theme helps fans show their love for NLT while keeping them informed about the latest NLT news,” says Aaron Foreman, head of New Media for Geffen. “We are extremely pleased for NLT to be the first musical artist to have their own customized browser.”

Internet marketers are scrambling to find ways of keeping visitors riveted to their web sites. By customizing the web browser with an entertainment theme, marketers can keep the attention of fans, even as they navigate away from the brand’s main page. “In a web marketplace where users expect personalization, our unique themes facilitate that and something far more valuable: a persistent channel of communication from businesses to consumers,” explains Patrick Murphy, CEO of Brand Thunder. “We integrate the brand into the browser, so businesses extend their reach regardless of where their customers or fans wander on the internet.”

Nearly every aspect of the browser was customized to reflect NLTs’ music, brand and web presence. After fans install NLTs’ custom theme on the popular Firefox browser, the otherwise generic browser is transformed into a branded arena that puts the fans right in the show. The boys from NLT flood the screen and browser navigation features are transformed with fun new transparent elements. Directly beneath are permanent links to NLT photos and iTunes so fans can download the latest tracks. In addition to driving traffic to NLTs’ website, the browser theme also includes a real-time news ticker so fans can stay on top of the latest NLT news. Such a display seamlessly integrates the traditional use of a web browser with revenue generating links and tools.

The advantages of a themed browser are manifold. “It extends the brand using a fresh, innovative and effective channel,” says CEO Patrick Murphy. “Themes offer passionate users another avenue to display their affinity while facilitating more frequent and focused communication to consumers.”

Brand Thunder is the brainchild of interactive marketing expert Patrick Murphy. His marketing channel development experience spans several well-recognized brands including Netscape, Verizon, Swiss Re, Conseco and JP Morgan Chase / Bank One.

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