For starters, I love basketball.  It is hard to swallow the end of the college football season, but its good to know that college basketball is always right there to catch my fall.  Although that sounds like random gab, you’ll get the picture when you’ve finished reading this blog.  Business development and basketball, how could you not read on?

When a company has a great product or service to offer the first step to sales is getting deals as easy as possible.  The typical approach is tapping into the contacts that you have and taking the shot gun approach to get in front of anyone and everyone.  No doubt this will provide some immediate success and help build some case studies that will be the foundation of your company.  This will also get your name out there and start developing chatter in the industry giving you a presence within the market.

Leveraging existing contacts and going after easy wins can jump start any company, creating a base of clients and generating necessary revenue to move forward.  Thanks to the immediate tactics you have seen the early success you were anticipating and it’s evident that there is a demand for your offering, so what’s next?

This is where my addiction to analogies comes in.  I think it is safe to say that the overall objective in basketball is to score, and score as much as you possibly can.  As a start-up company our objective is pretty similar, land quality deals, and land as many as we possibly can.  Knowing the objective is to score, basketball coaches spend days, weeks, and sometimes even months coming up with a game plan that will maximize the teams potential.  At a competitive level you won’t see any team take the court without a game plan.  Shooting at will from all over the court won’t lead to success.  Although some shots may fall, ultimately maximum scoring potential won’t be reached.

At Brand Thunder we have a talented team and great scoring ability, but what will make us successful is our strategic approach to expand our presence in the market.  We continue to put together a strong game plan internally and expect it to pay off in the end.  The next step is execution, which is fairly self-explanatory.  A coach can put together a book with the greatest plays, but if you don’t execute correctly, you won’t see the desired results.  And not unlike basketball, you have to be flexible and willing to change the selling game plan when necessary.  Go into half time and make adjustments where necessary and take what the market gives you.

Not having a thought out strategy can be detrimental to the success of business development.  The sales approach and strategic direction at Brand Thunder is ever evolving but a game plan is in place.  We believe we have the team, the scoring power, and now the game plan to come out on top at the end of the fourth quarter.  Fortunately for me, all I have to worry about is offense.   ☺

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