While we think our custom browser themes make some of the most stylish and fashion-forward browsers, we never thought we’d find ourselves near the fashion runway. Indeed, last week, a Brand Thunder theme participated at the 8th Annual Vodafone Athens Collections (the Official International Fashion Week in Athens for Spring/Summer 09).

Here’s how, in less than 14 days, it came about for us, and we’re sharing it with hope that you can find new markets for your products.

As a rule, we try to monitor and improve the flow of business, looking at:
• How people find us – making sure we’re discoverable
• How we execute on partnerships – the people that help with our go-to-market strategy
• How we manage the build process to leverage our expertise, systems and efficiencies and minimize bottlenecks
• Measure the impact of the above steps on our company

For this project, the order of events was the following:
1. High ranking on search terms “custom browser themes” helped an agency to find us
2. Contract template for establishing strategic partners allowed us to quickly sign with a new agency
3. Production process in place enabling us to accept a rush order
4. Achieve a new category for our custom browser themes – custom experience for “closed” environments

Two weeks prior to the event, due to our blog entries and web site content, Brand Thunder ranked high enough for the search term “custom browser” that Anemone, an interactive agency in Greece (www.anemone.gr), found and became our representative in the Greek market. Using our contract template, we struck the partnership in less than a week.

During that time, Anemone received a Vodafone project – create a kiosk-like, branded presence on all PCs in the Vodafone internet café at the Athens Fashion Week show. Anemone decides to use the custom browser for the desired effect.

One week prior to the event, Anemone asked Brand Thunder to fulfill the project. Fortunately, our build process has been refined to the point that by shifting priorities we felt we could execute without disrupting all our work. The partner delivered branding assets, we did the rest.

What we’ve gained, in addition to new clients, is knowledge around a new use for our product – event-based, controlled-environment browser themes. Between Anemone and Brand Thunder, we created a kiosk experience using standard PCs – reducing costs but maintaining branding control for the client.
Looking back, we feel very lucky with the string of events that fell our way and made this happen. We also hope the diligence we practice in building our business helps create some of that luck.

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