Despite every VC and investor crying “preserve your cash!” to their start ups, being frugal doesn’t mean you can’t spend – especially if the expenditure will help ensure your survival. While we keep Brand Thunder pretty lean, we needed to hire and are thrilled to say that Ryan D. Miller has joined our company as Business Development Manager (official release here).

There is simply too much opportunity and not enough bandwidth for the current team alone. Ryan comes with a great skill set that spans technology, marketing and business development. In the end, bringing in quality and necessary talent was a required expense.

That doesn’t change the way we manage the rest of our spending. We continue to be very cost conscious and are pushing to be cash-flow positive in the near term. The current economic environment hasn’t changed that. It’s just reaffirmed the importance.

If you’ve missed the discussion of what the economic environment means to start ups, there’s a good review of Sequoia Capital’s warning to its companies here. But, we also feel that if you have the need, and you find the talent – you hire it. We did. Welcome aboard Ryan.

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