Brand Thunder is releasing its first European version of our custom browser themes. is a celebrity photo site covering the gamut of sultry and photogenic people (we’re still waiting anxiously for a response to our Brand Thunder staff photo).

Targeting markets outside the US has always been a goal. Despite its steady growth, Firefox represents around 20% of US browser market share. However, market share in Europe is closer to 30% (source: When you consider how Firefox is designed for the global marketplace and localization, and then look at our ad-based business model and realize the monetization rates of Europe are similar to the US – this all became a very easy decision. Nothing about our business needs to be geographically limiting.

To sell into the European market, we partnered with two strategic partners who already sell there (Adevia Software out of Vancouver, British Columbia and KAM Sports International out of London). We found them through our aggressive networking, both personal networks and networking sites like LinkedIn. So, while the thought of entering an international market may seem daunting – it turned out to be pretty straight forward since it is the same process we’re already using (see our blogs where we discuss our strategic partners Coolfire Media and DMB Sports).

This is a great first step toward achieving a global presence for our product. It became attainable once we found companies already selling in those markets and partnered with them. We have a belief that we don’t need to own every component of our business and should extend our reach through the strengths of others. And, as of today, that belief has helped us grow beyond the US market.

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