This feels like a basic business idea, but having seen it both practiced and not practiced – we’re weighing in. It’s worth the effort to design a mock up of our product for each prospect we present to. Here’s why we think that.

Reason 1: It avoids the wrong discussion.

While our product isn’t overly complex, when you try to talk about it too much is lost. “Well, it’s a custom browser theme which incorporates your brand’s logos, color and style into the internet browser creating a persistent presence with your online audience.” Or, we can show them a mock-up of what we’re talking about. Now, we can limit the talk about us, and focus on what it means to them – isn’t that the point of every sales effort?

Reason 2: It shapes the right discussion.

We don’t just brand the browser; we add functionality and content. For example, we can invoke the sidebar which gives us a blank slate of HTML to really create whatever the customer wants. That’s too much freedom to convey in a presentation and is paralyzing.

Since we’re the experts of our product, we look at the prospect’s site and make a recommendation as to what we think works well in the browser theme. In the eyes of the prospect, we may be right or wrong but we’ve created a jumping off point for the discussion. Now the customer has an idea of what we might do with their stuff and that becomes the topic of discussion. We better understand the needs of our client are when they ask, “can you do this?”

You can see some of the mocks we’ve created on our Media page as well as screen shots of live product. Naturally, if you’d like to see a mock for your own company, we’d love to hear from you so feel free to contact us.

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