Pop singing and songwriting sensation, Katy Perry, has soared to popularity over the years with hits like “I Kissed A Girl,” “Roar,” and “Firework.” Her quirky stage props, far-out fashions and fun-loving, down-to-earth personality have also made her the star she was born to be.

These reasons and more are why we decided to give Katy Perry the tribute she deserves with a collection of 16 free desktop wallpapers just for you — her true fans. From the quirky to the sexy, we’ve compiled a collection of the best Katy Perry wallpapers from all over the web for you to download right here!

Best Katy Perry Desktop Wallpapers

Katy Perry Browser Theme & Desktop Wallpaper

Katy Perry Theme and Desktop Wallpaper by Brand Thunder

This stunning Katy Perry tribute browser theme and extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari was designed by one of Brand Thunder’s talented designers, MaDonna. This browser theme creates the best web browsing experience for the true Katy Perry fan. And just so you know, this beautiful Katy Perry theme is also a desktop wallpaper! To save this theme as your desktop wallpaper, simply right-click, save and set it as your desktop background after installing the theme. Download it now.

Blue-Haired Bombshell Katy

Blue-Haired Bombshell Katy Perry Desktop Wallpaper

If you dig blue hair and colorful bustiers, then this Katy Perry desktop wallpaper is perfect for you! Download it now.

Katy Kissed A Girl
Katy Perry Pink and Blue I Kissed a Girl Desktop Wallpaper

…and she liked it! True Katy Perry fans will enjoy this old school Katy desktop wallpaper featuring a photo from her second studio album, One of the BoysDownload it now.

Natural Beauty Katy Perry

Natural Beauty Katy Perry Desktop Background

Even though you love it when Katy Perry plays dress-up, this toned-down desktop wallpaper will have you appreciating her natural beauty. Download it now.

Lovely in Lingerie Katy

Katy Perry Sexy Desktop Wallpaper

How lovely is Katy Perry in lingerie? You know you want this sexy desktop wallpaper on your computer so… Download it now.

Rainbow Splash Katy

Rainbow Splash Katy Perry Wallpaper

Katy Perry sure loves her colors! And so do her fans. Brighten up your desktop with this fun Katy wallpaper. Download it now.

Pretty in Purple Katy

Purple Ponytail Katy Perry Desktop Background

Katy Perry is pretty in practically everything, but especially in purple. Look how the color plays up her big, green eyes. Yowza! Download it now.

Southern Vixen Katy

Lawn Ornament Katy Perry Desktop Wallpaper

Wouldn’t you love to peer at Katy hanging out on your lawn looking like this? Well, now you can look at this Katy Perry desktop wallpaper from your computer all day every day. Download it now.

Girl Next Door Katy Perry

Girl Next Door Katy Perry Wallpaper

Aww. Isn’t she cute? Though Katy Perry can be quite the sultry star, she’s also just a down-to-earth girl next door. Download it now.

I Heart Katy Perry

I Heart Katy Perry

You heart Katy Perry. We heart Katy Perry. And Katy Perry hearts us too in this lovey-dovey desktop wallpaper. Download it now.

Coy Katy

Katy Perry Desktop Wallpaper Cute

This Katy Perry desktop wallpaper will allow you to appreciate the singer’s cute style and sometimes-coy attitude. Download it now.

Seductress Katy

Seductress Katy Perry Desktop Wallpaper

This Katy Perry wallpaper will, in fact, seduce you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.. Download it now.

Flirty Katy Perry

Flirty Firework Katy Perry Desktop Wallpaper

This flirty “California Gurl” wants to be on your desktop right now. Download it now.

Sexy Surprise Katy

Katy Perry Sexy Desktop Wallpaper

Even when Katy Perry is startled, she still looks ravishing — especially when set as your desktop wallpaper. Download it now.

Bedtime Dream Come True

Katy Perry Bed Desktop Wallpaper

Katy Perry may have been your “Teenage Dream,” but she’s also your real, live, dreamy bedtime pal in this sexy desktop wallpaper. Download it now.

Stunning Songwriter Katy

Katy Perry Guitar Desktop Wallpaper

This stunning Katy Perry desktop wallpaper depicts Katy doing what she does best — writing music. Download it now.

Bonus! Katy Perry iPhone Wallpapers

Bikini Beauty Katy Perry

Katy Perry Bikini iPhone Wallpaper


Bubblegum Pop Katy

Katy Perry iPhone Wallpaper Bubblegum


Hot Katy Perry iPhone Wallpaper


Hot Katy Perry iPhone Wallpaper


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