Anime is an animation phenomenon that’s more popular now than it has ever been — especially when it comes to Chrome browser skins. Over the years, anime studios have introduced us to Dragon Ball ZMy Neighbor Totoro, Sailor Moon, Pokemon and other beloved anime series, manga and card games that offer up a slew of stunningly colorful characters and scenes.

Because there are so many thrilling stories and characters out there in the wildly popular world of anime, it can be difficult to decide which anime browser skin to pick! But, rest assured, you’ll find what you’re looking for with these 15 anime Google Chrome themes that will enhance your web browsing experience with awesome artwork every day.

15 Awesome Anime Google Chrome Themes

Totoro Rainy Day

Totoro Rainy Day Chrome Theme

This My Neighbor Totoro scene and Chrome theme might’ve been introduced long ago, but it’s still one of the most popular and recognizable to anime fans today. Download now!

Sailor Moon Character Silhouettes

Sailor Moon anime Browser Theme

The magical ladies of Sailor Moon fame would love to join you on your web browsing spree with this colorful Chrome theme. Download now!

No Game No Life

No Game No Life Anime Chrome Theme

Undefeated gamers Sora and Shiro are showcased in this stunning No Game No Life Chrome theme. Download now!

 Anime Romance

Anime Romance Chrome Theme

If you know anime at all, then you know how magically romantic those love scenes can be. This anime kiss Chrome theme highlights those blissful moments perfectly. Download now!

Golden Time

Golden Time Anime Theme for Chrome

For the romantic comedy anime fan, this fun, lighthearted Golden Time Chrome theme is all yours. Download now!

Hatsune Miku Martini

Hatsuni MIku Anime Chrome Browser Theme

A striking black and red theme featuring synthesizer siren, Hatsune Miku serenading you from an oversized martini glass. Download now!

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Anime Theme

If you want to keep your anime theme old school, this Dragon Ball Z Chrome theme is for you — the die-hard, forever fan. Download now!

Bleach: Ichigo’s Stance

Bleach Chrome Anime Theme

Some more throwback anime art for those who can’t get enough nostalgia: an incredible Bleach Chrome theme. Download now!

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell Anime Chrome Theme

Be transported to that infamous post-cyberpunk town, New Port City, with this dark, old school Ghost in the Shell Chrome theme. Download now!


Aikatsu Anime Chrome Theme

If fun, colorful card games are more your style, this Aikatsu! Chrome theme will suit you just right — and put a big smile on your face! Download now!

Angel Beats

Angel Beats Anime Browser Theme

Get caught in a beautiful, heavenly limbo with this Chrome theme featuring your favorite Angel Beats characters. Download now!

Hitsugi No Chaika

Hitsugi No Chaika Anime Chrome Theme

This Chaika Chrome theme features your favorite thick-browed wizard and her friends, Akari and Toru. Download now!

Batusai: Samurai X

Samurai X Chrome Browser Theme

Another throwback anime Chrome theme for Rurouni Kenshin fans, this one featuring Batusai is haunting and alluring. Download now!

Anime Samurai

Anime Samurai Chrome

Because if you’re a true anime fan, you can’t get enough samurai Chrome themes in your life. Download now!

Samurai Girls

Anime Samurai Girls Chrome Theme

And this Chrome theme is for those anime fans who’d rather dress up their browsers with gorgeous female anime samurais. Download now!

Bonus! 5 Anime Browser Themes for Firefox & IE

These anime browser themes from Brand Thunder will add some stunning artwork to your Firefox or IE browser.

Sweet Sakura

Sakura Sweet Anime Girl Browser Theme

Peer into this big-eyed beauty’s peepers every day when you download this pretty purple and pink Sakura browser theme. Download now!

Woodland Anime Fairy

Woodland Fairy Browser Theme

This anime fantasy fairy dances with the mystical dragonflies — and now your Firefox browser can too. Download now!

Anime Boy

Anime Boy Browser Theme

This anime boy Chrome theme will take your IE and Firefox browsers to a new world on the web. Download now!

Hide Behind the Mask

Hide Behind the Mask Browser Theme

An anime warrior hides behind his mask in this solemn yet colorful theme for Firefox and IE. Download now!

Angelic Anime Face

Sweet Angelic Anime Face Browser Theme

Because you just can’t download enough free, cute anime girl browser themes. Download now!


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