There’s no doubt about it – we are currently slogging through another tough winter, surrounded by a seemingly never-ending onslaught of snow and cold, enveloping everything around us in a consistent layer of gray.

But there is a colorful light at the end of the tunnel. In February, lovers of the world will have the opportunity to publicly declare their overflowing emotions for each other with displays of color that break the through the monotone backdrop we’ve been subjected to for months.

For that reason alone, Valentine’s Day is great, and installing Valentine’s Day desktop wallpaper now is the best way to break out of the winter doldrums and look forward to something fun and exciting. Plus, you know how great it is to be in love. It’s even better to celebrate it more than one designated day a year.

At Brand Thunder, we love Valentine’s Day just as much as you do, so we collected the best Valentine wallpaper for 2014.

Enjoy, you lovebirds!

The Best Valentine Desktop Wallpaper for 2014

Valentine’s Day Rose Wallpaper

The perfect Valentine's Day wallpaper for fans of red roses

Love Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper for those in love this time of year

Hugs and Kisses for Valentine’s Day

Mushy, lovey-dovey desktop wallpaper

Teddy Bear Wallpaper

Who doesn't love getting a teddy bear for Valentine's Day?

Creative Valentine Desktop Background

Colorful, creative Valentine wallpaper

Valentine’s Day Heart Wallpaper

Valentine's Day hearts

Cute Desktop Wallpaper

Lovey-dovey Valentine's wallpaper

Colorful Hearts Wallpaper

Colorful hearts for your desktop

Happy Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

A Valentine's Day wish for your desktop

First Love Valentine Background

Wallpaper for those young and in love

Fiery Love

Valentine wallpaper for those with a burning love

I Love You Wallpaper

A wallpaper with the three words everyone wants to hear

Candy Hearts

Candy hearts for your background

Try a Valentine’s Day Browser Theme Too

While you’re decorating your desktop in love, why not give your browser some wallpaper of its own? There are so many great Valentine’s Day browser themes out there, you’ll be bursting with love by the time you’re done finding the right one. You can even create your own Valentine theme!

Fill your browser with love

Find Even More Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

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