Winter blues got you down? Have no fear; Valentine’s Day browser themes are here! And it’s about time you spiced up those cold, lonely nights browsing the web with your stale, old browser theme (you know it’s true!). Celebrating the season of love with these red hot Valentine’s Day themes for Chrome, Firefox and IE will heat up your frosty in no time.

NEW! Valentine’s Day 2015 Chrome Theme

Brand Thunder Valentine's Day 2015 Chrome Theme

Be still your beating heart with the latest addition to our Brand Thunder Valentine’s Day gallery of themes. Featuring hearts galore and red hot hues, your browser won’t know what hit it (Cupid’s arrow, maybe?). Get it for Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Valentine’s Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014 Chrome Theme

We decided to recycle an old favorite from last year because it’s still great! Install this Brand Thunder Valentine’s Day theme and get romantic dining suggestions for you and your honey. You can even shop for flowers right from the browser. Or, if you’re really cheap, you can just send your sweetie an eCard through the browser, too. Get it for Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Valentine’s Day Interactive Persona

Valentine's Day for Firefox Persona

Show your browser some love with this Brand Thunder Valentine’s Day Chrome theme and Firefox persona. Browse restaurants, get unique Valentine’s Day date ideas, send eCards, shop for flowers and even watch Valentine’s Day videos within this dynamic browser’s sidebar. You know you want it, you softie. Get it for Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Hearts for You

Hearts for You Browser Theme

If you daydream about finding love, then you’ll adore this Valentine’s Day browser theme featuring abstract red and black hearts. Get it for Firefox and IE.

Burn for You

Burn for You Browser Theme

Surprise your sweetie by installing this Valentine’s Day theme to their favorite browser to let them know how much you yearn for their love. Get it for Firefox and IE.

Purple Valentine Dove

Valentine's Day Browser Theme Purple Valentine Dove

Nothing says true love better than a dove! Install this Valentine’s Day browser theme to show your loyalty and monogamy to your honey pie. Get it for Firefox and IE.

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine Browser Theme

This funky Valentine’s Day theme will perk you right up and ward off that winter chill. Get it for Firefox and IE.

Golden Heart Explosion

Golden Heart Explosion Firefox Theme

This sunny, golden Valentine’s Day browser theme will add warmth to your browser and to your heart. Get it for Firefox and IE.

Heart Aches for You

Heart Aches for You Theme

Are you missing the one you love this Valentine’s Day? Wear your bleeding heart on your sleeve (and your browser) with this dazzling theme featuring red roses, hearts and stars. Get it for Firefox and IE.

Valentine Cats

IE and Firefox Theme Valentine Cats

This Valentine’s Day browser theme is for the true cat lover. Add some whimsy to your browser to show your cats just how much you love it when they walk all over your keyboard. Get it for Firefox and IE.

Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine by MaDonna Browser Theme

If you still can’t beat the winter blues, then why not have your browser join you? Install this Blue Valentine browser theme so it can match your mood (but still add a little sparkle, too). Get it for Firefox and IE.


Peonies for Valentine

Valentine's Day Browser Theme Peonies for Valentine

For those who don’t like roses on Valentine’s Day, there are always pretty peonies! Install this browser theme to your beautiful flower’s browser to make their heart absolutely melt. Get it for Firefox and IE.

Luv Diamonds

Valentine's Day IE and Firefox Theme Luv Diamonds

If you’re REALLY in love, you’ll splurge on some diamonds this Valentine’s Day. As for the rest of us, we’ll just install this colorful Luv Diamonds theme. Get it for Firefox and IE.

I Love You

I Love You Browser Theme

When you just can’t seem to find the words while you’re with your Valentine, you can always rely on this simple I Love You theme to do the trick. Get it for Firefox and IE.


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