Katy Perry fans, rejoice! As the perfect addition to our stunning compilation of Katy Perry desktop wallpapers, we just had to scour the web for some of the best Katy Perry Chrome themes — and we found them! What can we say? Searching for Katy Perry browser themes and wallpapers is as addicting as her catchy pop tunes.

From the sexy, to the quirky and cute, this collection of 13 top Katy Perry Chrome themes will make true Katy Cats want to “roar” for even more.

Best Katy Perry Chrome Themes

Katy Perry Chrome Theme & Extension

Katy Perr Chrome Theme and Extension by Brand Thunder

This beautiful Katy Perry Chrome theme and extension by Brand Thunder designer, MaDonna, is also available for Firefox, IE and Safari browsers. This brilliant browser theme is for the Katy Perry fan who wants it all: quick access to Katy Perry news and videos, plus social sharing features to interact with other true Katy Cats. Save this theme as your desktop wallpaper by right clicking, saving and setting the image as your desktop background after installing the theme. Get the theme!

 Gorgeous Guitarist Katy

Katy Perry Guitar Chrome Theme

Pop star Katy Perry’s true musical roots are that of a singer-songwriter.  And this beautiful Chrome theme captures her inner essence perfectly. Get the theme!

Popcorn Pop Star Katy

Popcorn Pop Star Katy Perry Chrome Theme

This is the Katy a true fan knows and loves! Quirky style spills through this Katy Perry Chrome theme — much like the popcorn she can’t seem to keep in her hands. Get the theme!

Stunning City Girl Katy Perry

City Girl Katy Perry Google Chrome Theme

Aww. Isn’t Katy Perry cute? This Chrome theme offers up Katy’s sweet side as she poses in a rather shy state in front of a beautiful city backdrop. Get the theme!

Bubblegum Pop Katy Perry

Bubblegum Pop Katy Perry Chrome Theme

This Katy Perry Chrome theme shows off the music star’s bubblegum pop music vibe. Get the theme!

Sexy Katy Cat

Katy Perry Chrome Theme Sexy Cat Suit

For the fan who wants a more seductive Katy Perry Chrome theme, this sexy Katy Perry Chrome theme is purrrrrfect. Get the theme!

Triple Vision Katy

Triple Vision Katy Perry Chrome Theme

If you can’t get enough Katy Perry in your life, then this Google Chrome theme featuring the pop star in triple vision is for you! Three Katy’s are better than one, right? Get the theme!

Vintage Katy Perry

Vintage Katy Perry Google Chrome Theme

This fun, quirky vintage Katy Perry Chrome theme will dress up your browser with vibrant colors and that pretty Katy smile. Get the theme!

Hot Katy in Black

Hot Katy Perry Chrome Theme

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this hot Katy Perry Chrome theme is for the fan who desires more than just quirky and cute. Get the theme!

I Am Katy, Hear Me Roar!

Roar Katy Perry Chrome Theme

Your browser is going to love this stunning Katy Perry Chrome theme that features a screen shot from her video and smash hit, “Roar.” Get the theme!

Bombshell Beauty Katy

Katy Perry Blue Hair Bombshell Beauty Google Chrome Theme

More than just a pop star, Katy Perry is a real bombshell in this psychedelic Chrome theme. Get the theme!

Beauty in a Haystack

Katy Perry Google Chrome Theme Beauty in a Haystack

What would you do if you found this gorgeous girl in a haystack rather than a needle? Well, you found her and can now have Katy Perry browse the web with you all day every day. Get the theme!

Flower Power Katy Perry

Flower Power Katy Perry Chrome Theme

This Katy Perry Google Chrome theme is a throwback to the ’60s. Outfit your browser with this fun, flowery theme. Get the theme!


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