Utah’s Classic Rock Station KSL 103.5 The Arrow saw a 10x return on their investment in Brand Thunder’s New Tab Platform.  The Arrow partnered with Brand Thunder to provide a 103.5 The Arrow New Tab Experience to its listeners, giving them persistent presence on the desktop any time a user is online.  Seeing the power behind the high volume of traffic on the page, they included it as an integral part of an ad campaign for Cinemark Theatres promoting new luxury seating in the Salt Lake City market.


“We have always known the new tab page to be extremely valuable real estate so it’s exciting to see real-world proof of this in action.” Patrick Murphy, CEO, Brand Thunder


Not only was the radio station able to prove the ROI for their partnership with Brand Thunder, but the campaign demonstrated the ability to provide meaningful real estate to Cinemark’s dashboard via a new tab page.  Many digital campaigns, this one included, have a destination to send users to in order to gain exposure to the sponsor’s messaging. These landing pages give the user a one-time opportunity to interact with the content.  With the new tab page however, each user was exposed to the campaign more than six times a person, greatly increasing the opportunity to interact with content.


“The interactive, visually stimulating dashboard integrated well in Cinemark’s multi-platform campaign when launching Cinemark Luxury Loungers in three of our theatre locations in the Salt Lake City market.” –  Madelyn Rybczyk, Marketing Manager, Cinemark USA, Inc.


Brand Thunder is a leader in fan engagement with tools for smartphones, computers and social media interactivity. Brand Thunder has more than 350 world-class brands already listed as clients, including some of the most recognizable brands in sports, college, music and the Internet like: Bob Marley, College Network, The Huffington Post, IGN,, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, NFL, SONY Music, Universal Music and many more. Find out how to engage with your fans daily at

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