24 July

5 Great Chrome Extensions for the Rest of Summer

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We don’t want to believe it either, but summer is close to winding down. By the end of next week, August will already be here, which means students will soon be going back to school, football will be starting and, before we know it, we’ll start noticing a brown leaf here and there. But fear […]

22 July

Tickle Your Funny Bone With Comic Themes & Desktop Wallpapers

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Who doesn’t love a good comic to start his or her day? And who doesn’t remember growing up, grabbing the newspaper, and flipping it open to the comics section to get a dose of one’s favorites? Better yet, who still loves doing it as an adult? We love comics at Brand Thunder, which is why […]

21 July

Cities – Themes of the Week

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Cities are some of the most vibrant and exciting corners of the earth, from big cities like New York to smaller a mid-sized cities like Austin, Texas or Hamburg, Germany. Cities bring people of multiple backgrounds together, different ideologies, and different goals, and with that comes an amazing collaboration of ideas and exchanges. In this […]

17 July

Baltimore Orioles Wallpapers, Browser Themes and More

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As the unofficial second half of the baseball season gets underway, the better teams will begin to create some distance from everyone else in the quest for the playoffs. The AL East-leading Baltimore Orioles are looking to be one of those teams, and they certainly have the means to do it. With a power-packed lineup […]

15 July

Google Chrome News Roundup – July 15

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The world of web browsers is always moving a mile a minute, and we are here to make sure you get all of the latest news. Here is the latest for Google Chrome: The Chromebook’s popularity¬†in the personal computer world only continues to rise. The Chrome OS, while third behind Windows and Apple, captured 35% […]

14 July

Cars & Automobiles – Themes of the Week

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Cars are a staple of almost every society in the world and revered in the United States and European countries like Germany. There are millions of cars on the road everyday in every city in every country and a huge variety of different styles. Cars are part of our popular culture, in movies, TV shows […]

10 July

How to Change Your Chrome Background Theme

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Google Chrome sure is great, isn’t it? Part of that is because there are so many ways you can customize the browser, such as choosing a background theme. Chrome background themes dress up your browser and give it a unique flair that sets it apart from the boring gray default theme color. These themes appear […]

8 July

Oakland Athletics Browser Themes, Wallpapers and More

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The Oakland Athletics have been the biggest story in baseball this season. Not only have they been the best team, but they made themselves even better by trading for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel from the Chicago Cubs. It’s obvious the A’s are playing to win right now, which has to be incredibly exciting for […]

7 July

Beach Themes – Browser Theme of the Week

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Hitting the beach is an annual right of passage for almost everyone during the summer season. Packing up your beach towels, suntan lotion, picnic basket and driving to the nearest beach provides instant fun and a nice getaway from the hot summer sun. In this week’s browser “theme of the week” feature, we showcase some […]

3 July

Support “Die Mannschaft” With German National Football Team Wallpapers

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Three championships, four runners-up and four third-place finishes. West Germany playing in three consecutive World Cup finals from 1982 to 1990. With that kind of pedigree – and with 12 top-four finishes, the most of any country – the argument can easily be made that Germany is the best soccer country in the world. And […]