28 August

How to Customize the New Tab Page for Chrome, Firefox and IE

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Browsers sure do get a lot of things right, but how come the New Tab pages are so often boring? Sure, they’re pretty practical most of the time, but who likes just looking a plain white screen all the time? Don’t think the New Tab page is all that bland? Let’s take a look at […]

26 August

Oklahoma Sooners Wallpapers, Browser Themes and More

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The Oklahoma Sooners, one of college football’s greatest dynasty teams, capped off another great season in 2013 by defeating another dynasty, the Alabama Crimson Tide, in the Sugar Bowl. And guess what? The Sooners are right back near the top of the polls to start the 2014 season, and are expected to be there fighting […]

25 August

Sunflowers – Theme of the Week

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This week, we take a walk outside and enjoy some of the last days of summertime with a collection of our Sunflower browser themes for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Sunflowers are some of the most beautiful flowers of the summer season showcasing bright yellow petals with an orange-ish red center. The best part of […]

21 August

Top 4 Facebook Fan Page Apps to Increase Engagement

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The design and functionality of Facebook’s fan pages change pretty frequently, but the fan page apps have always remained a staple of them. Designed to increase fan interaction with a brand, these apps are a great way to bring some versatility to your page while still giving you plenty of opportunities to engage with the people […]

19 August

30 of the Most Useful Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

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There are a ton of great shortcuts available for Google Chrome, all of which are designed to make our online lives easier. Of course, we really mean it when we say there are a ton. That being said, we wanted to provide you with what we think are 30 of the most essential shortcuts for the […]

14 August

Firefox 31 Offers Updates for Users & BT’s Firefox Themes

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Firefox 31 was released to the public in July, and it came with some convenient, cosmetic changes along with updates that cater to developers. Providing tools for developers is something that Mozilla has often been praised for in the past and it has helped to make it one of the biggest browsers out there. It’s […]

12 August

Google Chrome News and Updates for August 2014

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There are a lot of big developments going on with Google Chrome these days, and we’re here to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, such as: Chrome is a great browser, but you know what really stinks about it at times? The fact that Shockwave Flash is seemingly ALWAYS crashing. There is now a […]

11 August

Lions and Tigers: Browser Themes of the Week

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This week, we are featuring an assortment of animal themes from the kings of the animal world: Lions and Tigers (no Bears), oh my! Animal related themes are some of the most popular browser themes in our gallery, as it seems we have an increasing number of animal lovers browsing our gallery. That shouldn’t be […]

8 August

Brand Thunder is NOT Malware – The Truth Behind Brand Thunder

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Any company that provides reputable software, extensions, add-ons or any kind of download is at risk of being called “malicious” or being labeled as “malware” from so-called review sites from anti-virus companies. These companies use their automated system to scrub the Internet to find companies that offer any sort of download, plug in their name, […]

7 August

Cheer for a Repeat With Florida State University Browser Themes & Wallpapers

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Enjoyed your offseason, Seminole fans? It sure feels great to be cheering for the defending champion, and Florida State is primed for another run with quarterback – and Heisman winner – Jameis Winston coming back for more. Even better, the Seminoles were the last BCS champi0n, and now they can be the first champion in […]