17 April

5 of the Best Firefox Social & Communication Add-ons

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Browsers are great for so many things, and what makes Firefox one of the best out there is the ability users have to customize its look, feel and functionality any way they want. And, almost more than anything, people love being social on the Internet. That is why there are so many great Firefox add-ons […]

15 April

Philadelphia Phillies Browser Themes and Desktop/iPhone Wallpaper for the Biggest Phanatics

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The Philadelphia Phillies have had a pretty darn good decade, being competitive enough to play in two World Series, winning one in 2008. But that doesn’t mean Phillies fans are satisfied. No, they are an impatient bunch and won’t stand for a long period of rebuilding, which is currently staring the organization in the face. […]

14 April

Easter Owls – Theme of the Week

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Theme designer “Madonna” is back and has created several great themes over the past week including the “Easter Owls” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer fans. We are approaching Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so it’s only appropriate that our theme of the week involves Easter. Madonna uses a light yellow background color from light […]

10 April

5 Top Trending Google Chrome Extensions for April

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It’s April. A new season is here. Everything is fresh and starting to bloom. With that in mind, now is the best time to update your extensions in Chrome; you might just find the one that will completely change how you use the Internet. We found five of the hottest trending Chrome extensions for this […]

9 April

6 Design Elements That Make Up an Awesome Desktop Theme

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When it comes to designing your desktop, you have a number of options. You have to decide what to do with the colors, the layout, and more. In fact, the sheer amount of options that you have can be overwhelming. Never fear; here are six design elements that make up a truly awesome desktop wallpaper […]

8 April

Spring Browser Themes to Help You Finally Welcome the New Season

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What could be better than spring? The weather is better, but not harsh, and the promise of a long, amazing summer full of possibilities is ahead. There is something about finally emerging from a harsh winter that almost feels like a real accomplishment. So why not celebrate that accomplishment by downloading a brand-new browser theme […]

7 April

Whaleskin – Theme of the Week

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This week’s browser “theme of the week” is the Whaleskin browser theme created by theme designer aptly named “Whaleskin”. We’re not exactly sure what the theme represents; our first inclination was a band, a movie or some sort of video game or character in the game. Whatever it represents, the design is a great one […]

3 April

St. Louis Cardinals Downloads (Browser Themes and Wallpapers) for Every Die-Hard Fan

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St. Louis Cardinals fans are some of the best in baseball, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is an endless amount of browser themes and wallpapers out there supporting the team (a collection to which you can contribute). Every theme and desktop background carries with it the deep history of a proud […]

1 April

Los Angeles Dodgers Browser Themes & Desktop Wallpapers for The Biggest Fans

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A brand-new baseball season is upon us and few teams, if any, have larger expectations than the Los Angeles Dodgers. With the game’s largest payroll by a mile – which has bought a top-of-the-line pitching staff and formidable lineup – it’s World Series or bust for the Dodgers. So while you follow your beloved Dodgers […]

31 March

UCONN Huskies Fans – Theme of the Week

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It’s only appropriate that with College Basketball’s Final Four all set for next weekend, our fan submitted “Theme of the Week” this week is one of the Final Four teams. Theme designer “Mark Anthony” created a UCONN Huskies fan theme to show his pride for his favorite team going into next week’s games. Brand Thunder […]