27 August

10 Best Fallout Chrome Themes & Firefox Themes for True Fanatics

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Attention fans of the Fallout video game series: this collection is just for you, the true fan who has been obsessed with this game since 1997. In anticipation of the Fallout 4 release later this year, we decided to give this post-apocalyptic role playing video game series a real tribute by compiling a collection of the best […]

25 August

Top Minions Movie Desktop & iPhone Wallpapers for 2015

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Fan of the Minions movie? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’ve been following the Despicable Me story since the release of the first film, or are just getting into the smash-hit film franchise, you’re sure to find something to love in this collection of the best Minions desktop and iPhone wallpapers from all over […]

20 August

2015 College Football Preview: Browser Theme Edition

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Summertime is almost over and you know what that means: college football season is just around the corner! And to get you pumped for the 2015 college football season, we’ve put together a collection of the top 10 college football browser themes for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. If you don’t see your team’s theme, take […]

18 August

4 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Ideas to Increase Fan Engagement

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As someone who isn’t new to Facebook marketing, you know that the social networking giant continually makes changes to its guidelines and algorithms. And sometimes, it can be frustrating since all of your fans don’t see your content that is posted organically. If you’ve seen a loss in fan engagement rates on Facebook and minimal reach […]

13 August

Top Halo Chrome Themes, iPhone Wallpapers & More for Halo Nation

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Halo Nation: This collection is just for you. As a Halo fanatic, we know how much you love outfitting your digital life with Halo Chrome themes, Firefox themes and iPhone wallpapers to show your true fan status! And we know that it’s no surprise to you that this military science fiction game franchise is touted as one of the top […]

11 August

15 Super Mario Bros. Chrome Themes & Firefox Themes for Old School Gamers

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Think you’re the biggest fan of Super Mario Bros.? If so, then you’re going to love this collection of Super Mario Bros. Chrome themes and Firefox themes! As a true fan of Super Mario Bros. video games, you likely started kicking it old school with your Italian pals Mario and Luigi back in 1983 when […]

6 August

How to Install Firefox Themes: A Step by Step Guide

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Looking to add personality and color to your Firefox browser? Then you should probably learn how to install a Firefox theme! Thankfully, the team at Mozilla has made it incredibly easy to install Firefox themes so you can quickly add a personal touch to your web browsing experience. The step by step guide below will walk you […]

4 August

12 Top Minecraft Chrome Themes for True Fans Only

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If you’re one of the millions of Minecraft players out there, then you’re going to be a million times thrilled about this collection of Minecraft Chrome themes! Every Minecraft addict knows precisely why this open world video game has won numerous awards over the years, and is listed as one of the best selling PC games of all time. Because […]

30 July

How to Guarantee More Engagement with Facebook Fans Using “See First”: A Step by Step Guide

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If your brand isn’t new to using Facebook as a marketing tool, then you’re definitely not new to how the social networking giant has changed its guidelines and algorithms for both brand and personal Pages over the years. And since the introduction of the company’s latest algorithm change last year, you’ve probably noticed a sharp […]

28 July

Top 10 Call of Duty Chrome Themes for Real CoD Fanatics

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Attention addicts of the Call of Duty video game franchise: this post is just for you! We know that as a true CoD fanatic, you love your Call of Duty Chrome themes just about as much as you love playing the games. And that’s why we decided to compile the top 10 best CoD Chrome […]