18 September

25 Spooky and Fun Halloween Browser Themes for 2014

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It’s almost that time of year again – time for Halloween! The return of all the ghouls and ghosts of the season is a welcomed sight, and we couldn’t be happier to bring you even more Halloween browser themes this year. Not only do we have Brand Thunder’s newest Halloween browser theme for 2014, but […]

16 September

Texas A&M Wallpapers, Browser Themes & More for All Aggie Fans

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Former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel may no longer be around, but that hasn’t stopped Texas A&M from storming out of the gate early this season. Thanks to a big first-week upset over South Carolina, the Aggies – led by quarterback Kenny Hill – are shooting up the polls and have their eyes on the […]

15 September

Butterflies – Browser Themes of the Week

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If you’re looking for beautiful butterfly browser themes, you’ve come to the right place. This week’s feature themes include a variety of butterflies in the design of the browser theme in some respect. Each theme was created by our fans using our theme creator and submitted to our extensive theme gallery. We have butterflies circling […]

11 September

University of Georgia Wallpapers, Browser Themes and More

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Ah yes, fans of the Georgia Bulldogs have been here before. There are always expectations surrounding the football team, but it just never seems to meet them (at least lately), as lofty as they may be. But that’s okay, because the fans will always be there to support the team and school no matter what. […]

9 September

30 of the Most Useful Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

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Keyboard shortcuts are one of the most beautiful inventions ever bestowed upon us. Who doesn’t want to make their browser easier and faster? And for the Mozilla Firefox browser, there is a laundry list of shortcuts that you can use to make you feel like a computer hacker in a movie (or something like that), […]

8 September

Flower Browser Themes – Theme of the Week

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This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” features a number of different themes all focused on the beautiful flowers of the world. Over the years, our fans have created a number of flower browser themes from tulips, daisies, roses, calla lilies, gerberas and wild flowers. We have featured some of the best themes below for […]

4 September

Michigan State University Wallpapers, Browser Themes & More

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It’s a great time to be a fan of the Michigan State Spartans. Between the football and basketball teams, the school pretty much has year-round championship aspirations. And with the College Football Playoff making its debut this season, there is even more reason to be excited, as the team is fully expected to be competing […]

2 September

Los Angeles Angels Wallpapers, Browser Themes & More

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The Los Angeles Angels are surging at the right time. In the ultra-tough AL West, the team is thriving and looking to take the division over the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners. Through dominant starting pitching and an offense led by perhaps the greatest player in baseball, Mike Trout, Los Angeles has its sights set […]

28 August

How to Customize the New Tab Page for Chrome, Firefox and IE

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Browsers sure do get a lot of things right, but how come the New Tab pages are so often boring? Sure, they’re pretty practical most of the time, but who likes just looking a plain white screen all the time? Don’t think the New Tab page is all that bland? Let’s take a look at […]

26 August

Oklahoma Sooners Wallpapers, Browser Themes and More

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The Oklahoma Sooners, one of college football’s greatest dynasty teams, capped off another great season in 2013 by defeating another dynasty, the Alabama Crimson Tide, in the Sugar Bowl. And guess what? The Sooners are right back near the top of the polls to start the 2014 season, and are expected to be there fighting […]