Milestone! Brand Thunder reaches 1 MILLION Active Users!

  We are excited to announce that Brand Thunder hit a HUGE milestone last month.  The momentum of the new tab experience has continued to grow, and that growth has been culminated in our largest 30 day span ever.  We hit 1 MILLION ACTIVE MONTHLY USERS this past month!  In addition to hitting 1 MILLION … Continued

Facebook Look-Alike Audiences Aid in Social Media Advertising

  If you’re looking to bolster your Facebook Advertising strategy, we recommend taking advantage of the lookalike audience feature. This is a method that we use and have seen proven results. Delivering ads to lookalike audiences allows us to be highly targeted with our campaigns and efficient with our budget. How it works: When creating … Continued

5 Reasons our Partners Have Made the Right Choice

Our partners are starting to see the value in new tab experiences as the data is proving to drive engagement.  A recent article was published showcasing 5 data points that support the case of considering Brand Thunder as a part of your digital strategy.  If you haven’t read this yet, we highly encourage you to … Continued

Numbers are Soaring!

As summer starts to wind down and pumpkin spice lattes start pushing their way in, we are seeing our download numbers start to climb!  It’s no secret that June, July, and August are the slowest months when it comes to online activity and you probably saw your usage reflecting that trend. In September we saw … Continued

Safari Themes to Enhance the Browser New Tab Page

The trend of new tab experiences is growing rapidly as some of our favorite sports teams, colleges, music groups and publishers offer add-ons that allow you to theme the new tab page.  This post is dedicated to Safari, showing how simple it can be to customize your experience. There are hundreds of new tab pages … Continued

More Proof that New Tab Extensions Drive Audience Engagement

  Brand Thunder’s New Tab Extensions are again proving to be valuable with exciting recent data. What used to be great digital candy has quickly become a valuable digital asset as recent successes have brands leaning on Brand Thunder to increase engagement and return traffic. Making content visible in today’s landscape is a challenge and … Continued

10 of the Most Popular Gaming Themes and Extensions for Chrome

(Be sure to check out the fastest growing at the bottom of this post) True gamers want every tool available, every badge of honor, and want to show their loyalty every way possible.  From Minecraft to PAC-MAN, and from Call of Duty to Mortal Combat, these themes and extensions for Chrome will help you level … Continued

24 of the Best Chrome Themes and New Tab Extensions for Christmas

‘Tis the season! Whether you’ve impatiently waited all year long to blare Christmas music or don’t catch the spirit until after Thanksgiving, most of us find anything to brighten our day during the holiday season. Here is a great way to disrupt your online experience with some festive Chrome Themes and New Tab Extensions that … Continued

The Whole Fam Damily and The Drive to Succeed

Work and Family.  Family and Work.  I could write about the importance of “balancing work and family” but that would be way too cliché, overdone, and well, a little boring for my taste.  And I figure if I’m going to bore you along the way, I might as well do it with a new concept … Continued

Forecast Calls for Success and a Chance of Gain

Most of you probably spent a good deal of time during the last few months of 2008 submitting your budgets, projected numbers, and even goals for the fiscal year 2009.  All of the figures are documented and a single forecast put together for all of the stakeholders surrounding the company.  For most companies forecasting is … Continued

Eat Your Own Dog Food

In my years of being in a customer focused business I have learned a very important phrase and philosophy: eat your own dog food. Most of what I have to say this week is stepping back to the basics.  But that’s where successful business processes have to begin so these points can never be over … Continued

Building a Game Plan

For starters, I love basketball.  It is hard to swallow the end of the college football season, but its good to know that college basketball is always right there to catch my fall.  Although that sounds like random gab, you’ll get the picture when you’ve finished reading this blog.  Business development and basketball, how could … Continued

Joining a Start Up

Taking the leap from the corporate world to join a start up company can be a scary thing and create a sense of uneasiness to many people.  During my process of deciding if making this change was the right move or not I weighed heavily on three major factors: proven success, ideal business model, and … Continued