The Best Chrome Extensions You’ve Never Heard Of

The world of Google Chrome extensions is vast, which is a great thing. That gives you, the user, plenty of options when choosing ways to improve the look and functions of your browser. But there’s no denying that some extensions simply get lost in the fray. With thousands of them to choose from, there’s simply … Continued

Quick Ways to Speed up your Chrome Browser

Is your Google Chrome browser slow? Do you find yourself waiting for the Mac pinwheel or PC hourglass to stop loading every time you open up a new tag on Chrome? Chances are you have too many things running at once that is causing your Google Chrome browser to slow down. This typically happens when … Continued

10 Insanely Cool Firefox Themes

If you’re looking to change the look and feel of your browser, it’s understandable that you would want it to be as cool and sleek as possible. Luckily for you, there are plenty of cool Firefox themes out there, no matter where your interests lie. Here is a look at some of the coolest Firefox … Continued

Hot Wheels – Theme of the Week

Our pick for browser “Theme of the Week” this week is a theme paying tribute to the popular Hot Wheels toy car collection. Hot Wheels toy cars were introduced back in 1968 by American Toymaker, Mattel. Hot Wheels cars were basically replicas of the originals that car manufacturers allowed the toy companies to use as … Continued

The 5 Best Sites to Get Wallpapers for your iPhone

Changing the background wallpaper on your iPhone is a fun and simple way to spruce up the look of your phone. You can add pictures to match the season, to show support for your favorite sports team, or even to just show off your pets. You can turn just about any picture into an iPhone … Continued

Google Chrome for iOS Brings Users More Options

Chrome for iOS Last week, Google finally launched a version of its popular browser, Chrome, for iOS, in an effort to get into the iPhone and iPad market and give users more options. Up until now, Apple’s Safari browser was the only major player available, save for some smaller browsers by lesser-known developers. That is … Continued

Team USA Olympics 2012 – Theme of the Week

The London Summer Olympic games are right around the corner and our “Theme of the Week” pays tribute to the United States Olympic team with the “Team USA Olympics 2012” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This brilliant theme displays the creative 2012 London Olympics logo sandwiched between two American flags towards the upper … Continued

Mozilla Working to Release Firefox iPad Browser Named “Junior”

Is Apple’s Safari browser on the iPad a “pretty miserable experience” for you? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re part of a growing number of people who are disenchanted with the fact that Safari is currently your only big-name browser option within the iPad. That may be changing, though. Users have wanted an … Continued

Theme of the Week – Southwestern Sky

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from Firefox persona designer “Madonna” with the theme she created called “Southwestern Sky”. Some of the most popular browser themes in our gallery are nature related and we would argue that some of the most popular wallpapers out there are nature-inspired photography and designs. There is something … Continued

Patriotic Themes for Independence Day

When it comes to celebrations, none top Independence Day in the United States. From cookouts and parties to fireworks and more, Americans take the Fourth of July seriously. It’s a colorful, patriotic event, so it seems only fitting to celebrate the holiday with a new browser theme. There are a wide variety of Fourth of … Continued

4 Creative Ways to Utilize Your Web Browser

The Web Browser is constantly evolving. Each major browser company (Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, and Internet Explorer) is frequently iterating new versions of their browser every few months. In fact, in the past year, the rate of updating to newer versions have increased at an ever increasing rate. Firefox seems to be on an almost … Continued

Super Mario Brothers – Theme of the Week

Congratulations to browser theme designer “Domino” for providing this week’s “Theme of the Week” for the throwback Super Mario Brother’s theme. We believe the theme is based off of the very first Super Mario Bros. game by Nintendo back in the mid 1980’s. The theme features a repeating image of the first screen a player … Continued

A Look at the Best Wallpaper Sites on the Internet

Sometimes, decorating your desktop is just as important as finding the right theme for your browser. There are hundreds of wallpaper sites that offer wallpapers and themes that cover just about every subject, but which are the top ones? Where can you find the best wallpaper sites that will make your browser look as sleek … Continued

5 Google Chrome Extensions You Absolutely Need

Ever wonder how Google Chrome was able to skyrocket to the top of the browser world? It might have something to do with its vast library of extensions, which are designed to make a user’s browsing experience easier, more entertaining, more efficient and everything in between. We’ve compiled five of the best Chrome extensions, which … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches and 30 Club Branded Themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

COLUMBUS, OH – June 12, 2012 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialists, announced today the launch of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer themes for and all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. The themes are available at and each official Club Web site. All available themes can be downloaded at … Continued

Guild Wars 2 – Theme of the Week

The browser “Theme of the Week” this week comes from theme designer “AMYG” and the themes GW2 Knightly Male and Charr GW2. We were not immediately knowledgeable as to what “GW2” was in reference to, but after some quick research we found that GW2 stands for Guild Wars 2, a multi-player role playing game online … Continued

“Must-Have” Firefox 13 Themes for Your Browser

Firefox updates are not always known for their wealth of new options and features. However, with the release of Firefox 13, users are treated to plenty of new design and functionality features that are sure to be welcomed with open arms. Firefox 13 Features In an attempt to keep up with the popularity of Google … Continued

9 Google Chrome Themes for Mac OSX

Google Chrome Themes have become some of the most popular browser based themes among the major browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. In fact, Google Chrome is on the verge of taking over Internet Explorer for the world’s most popular browser. It’s no surprise then to browser theme user that Chrome has some of the … Continued

Wild Bamboo – Theme of the Week

The browser “Theme of the Week” for last week is the “Wild Bamboo Theme” for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This simple and brilliant design features a forest of bamboo trees and leaves in a beautiful collage of greens that site nicely against the background of your browser. Theme designer “Madonna” used a wide spectrum of … Continued

A Look at Alternative Marketing Solutions: Car Wraps and Browser Themes

Image via Are you looking to open your company’s marketing budget to allow for some alternative methods of advertising? Are the normal marketing channels simply not cutting it anymore? In today’s society – with so many brands, companies, and individuals competing for everyone’s attention – it is important to remain as visible as possible … Continued

Bokeh Lights – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is the Bright Bokeh Lights theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. In photography, bokeh also sometimes heard as is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image. Bokeh has been defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”. … Continued

What Makes a Browser Extension Popular?

Google Chrome and Firefox are two of the most popular web browsers out there, and that is due to many reasons. Whether it’s the speed of the browser or its overall look, users are drawn to these particular options. But one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of both Chrome and Firefox would be … Continued

The Best Summer Themes for Chrome, Firefox and IE

It always feels like it takes forever to arrive, but the summer season is finally here. The weather is great, the days are longer, and there is so much to do outside. So why not celebrate the season you love by downloading some summer Chrome themes? Or maybe you are an avid Firefox or Internet … Continued

4 Horrible Fortune 500 PR Campaigns

With the rapid growth of social media some of the largest companies in the world have been attempting to take a more creative approach to the internet with their brand marketing campaigns.  These campaigns have had their failures, and it’s time to recognize them publicly to remind us on what not to do. Now the … Continued

Freedom Flies – Theme of the Week

We had quite a number of new themes created this week by fans and users using our free theme tool. It was quite difficult to narrow down the very best but the theme of the week this week ties in with the Memorial Day holiday coming up this weekend in the US. The “Freedom Flies” … Continued

Two Firefox SEO Add-Ons That Give You a Leg Up on the Competition

Firefox extensions and add-ons serve a wide variety of purposes, from games and entertainment to shopping, social media, web development and much more. One of the most intriguing uses of a Firefox add-on is that it can be used as a tool to gauge your own site against your competitors. Whether it’s getting their PageRank, … Continued

‘Do Share’ is a Time-Saving, Google+ Chrome Extension

There are a wide variety of available Google Chrome extensions that exist to help users save time. From bookmarking tools to blogging tools, users have plenty of options when it comes to optimizing their experience on Google Chrome. Do Share just so happens to be one of those time-saving, efficient Chrome extensions that is perfect … Continued

Manga Fox Naruto – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from user “MangaFox” with the Manga Fox Naruto theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Manga is a popular Japanese genre of comic books, cartoons, and animated films typically with a science fiction or fantasy related storyline. Manga Fox is an online community which houses some of the … Continued

15 of the Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome remains one of the top web browsers available due partly to its vast customizable options. Chrome extensions and add-ons are an essential part of one’s experience with the browser, helping to save time, increase productivity, and create better work. Chrome Extensions are extra features and functionality that you can easily add to Google … Continued

Avengers – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” comes from theme designer “Baby Gaga” with a take on the new movie “The Avengers”. This is a slick new theme created for the popular movie based on all your favorite Marvel superheros. This theme compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer showcases the Avengers logo at the top … Continued

Persona Switcher or Brand Thunder Personas Interactive?

One of the best aspects of the Firefox browser is its ability to handle a wide variety of custom themes and background images, allowing users to truly make it their own. However, with so many theme options, it’s often hard to stick with just one, especially when it comes to Firefox Personas (also called background … Continued

Vintage Mother’s Day – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” pays tribute to the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday with a vintage twist. The “Vintage Mothers Day” theme displays a mother holding her baby in her arms on the right hand side of the theme. A vintage “cloudy” black and white background reminiscent of yesteryear gives the feel of a … Continued

7 Dark Black Chrome Themes for Google Chrome

Sometimes you don’t want a flashy new theme for your browser. Sometimes, you simply want to accent your browser with a dark theme that sits in the background and highlights everything else. Or maybe you’re just a really big fan of the color black. No matter your preference, there are a wide variety of black … Continued

Firefox 12 Themes for the New Firefox 12

Firefox 12 Released The 12th version of the popular web browser, Firefox, has been released and can be downloaded by visiting the Official Mozilla Firefox site here. The new release doesn’t have as many updates as in past versions but does provide a number of bug fixes from Firefox 11. Firefox 12 Features One of … Continued

Ladybug Theme – Browser Theme of the Week

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is a Ladybug inspired theme from theme Persona designer, Madonna. The theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer features a ladybug perched on a bright green blade of grass just after a morning rain or Springtime shower. Madonna used a brilliant array of colors from the green palette with … Continued

Download the Best Hello Kitty Chrome Themes

Hello Kitty is an immensely popular character all around the world, found on virtually every kind of product, from school supplies and toys to fashion accessories and more. And with the massive appeal of the Hello Kitty character, there are a number of great Hello Kitty Chrome themes out there. Fans of Hello Kitty will … Continued

Bands & Musicians – Themes for and by Fans

Musicians today are part artist, part business person and all hustle. You have to be if you’re going to make a living in the post-apocalyptic era of the music industry. It’s no surprise that bands and fans are connecting through BT:Engage, our do-it-yourself browser theme creator. Though it may have surprised us how the fans … Continued

New Browser Themes from Brand Thunder

Baseball has always been America’s pastime. Full of history and holding a special place in the hearts of so many people, it’s time that the sport was given the proper set of browser themes that will satisfy every rabid fan. That is why Brand Thunder is proud to introduce the OFFICIAL Internet Explorer, Firefox, and … Continued

Beautiful Spring Themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and everything is starting to bloom – spring has sprung! As the season begins to lift everyone’s spirits after another long, cold winter, celebrate it by choosing some great Spring themes for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Now, whenever you browse the Internet, you’ll be reminded … Continued

Glowing Flowers – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week comes from Firefox Persona designer “MaDonna” and is entitled “Glowing Flowers”. This a beautiful theme featuring glowing purple flowers against a black background. Flying out from the flowers looks to be pollen floating in the air, with colors consistent with the overall color scheme from the flowers themselves. … Continued

Popular Pink Chrome Themes

For over 4 years, Brand Thunder has been creating browser themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. In those years, one thing we’ve noticed is that a number of browser theme fans love simple one-color themes. Some of the most popular themes in our gallery are simple background colors added to the browser including … Continued

Get Ready for Major League Soccer with the Best MLS Browser Themes

With the Major League Soccer season underway, there is no better time for die-hard fans to prove their allegiance to their favorite clubs. With the MLS browser themes available from Brand Thunder, you get immediate access to your favorite team, keeping you up-to-date on all of the action. Need highlights from last night’s game? Or … Continued

Beauty of North Country – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week designed by Firefox Personas designer, Madonna, features a dazzling array of color from the Northern Hemisphere in a theme called “Beauty of the North Country”. This theme features the natural light display known as “Aurora Borealis” which is a phenomenon caused by the collision of energetic charged particles … Continued

Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

One of the best features of Google Chrome is its customizable interface. Users can install their own themes and backgrounds that show off their personality, interests, and more. It’s a great way to make browsing the Internet even more fun. But have you ever wanted to customize your own Google Chrome browser? Using your own … Continued

Lady Gaga Chrome Themes That Will Shock You

There’s no denying the popularity of Lady Gaga in the music and entertainment world. Not since Madonna have we seen an artist so loved yet so shocking at the same time. From wearing dresses depicting meat draped over her body to outlandish costumes and makeup that transform Gaga to new characters almost every performance, Lady … Continued

Easter Eggs and Lilies – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week is just in time for the Easter holiday this year. The “Easter Eggs and Lilies” theme created using our Firefox & IE theme tool showcases a dazzling array of light blue colors with a floral backdrop. This theme features a brilliant Easter blue background with an assortment of … Continued

Easter Themes – Chrome, Firefox & IE

Easter season is upon us and what better way to celebrate the festive holiday with decorative browser themes to spice up your browser. Below we will feature some of the best Easter related themes in our gallery with images of Easter bunnies, Easter flowers, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, ducklings, and visions of Springtime. A complete … Continued

The 7 Best Firefox Add-Ons for Web Developers & Designers

Firefox is an immensely popular web browser for a variety of reasons. One huge reason for its popularity is its ability to provide tools to web designers to help make their work easier, more efficient, and impressive. There are many different kinds of Firefox add-ons for web designers, but we are going to take a … Continued

Angry Birds Space Browser – Theme of the Week

We have a new theme of the week this week from browser theme designer, “Kit Kit So”. Arguably one of the most popular games today and one of the most popular of all time, Angry Birds has been praised for its successful combination of addictive gameplay, comical style and relatively low price. Angry Birds announced … Continued

Official Final Four Browser Themes

It’s been a phenomenal tournament and with solid basketball all around. We’re now down to the Final Four teams in the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. It’s your last chance for this season to get on the bandwagon with a winning team. Each theme looks great, as does each team. And they all have a great … Continued

Buckeye Faithful Wins with OSU Browser Theme

The Ohio State Buckeyes tipped off this year’s basketball tournament season by giving away a Thad Matta signed basketball to one lucky user of the official Buckeye browser theme. While the field was more crowded than 68 teams, we still emerged with one winner and Martin (Sonny) Mendes was the Buckeye fan who took home the … Continued

11 New Themes for Firefox 11

Firefox 11 was released on March 13th and brought some modest improvements over the previous Firefox 10 release. Among the most important updates was the ability to sync your Firefox add-ons across multiple devices including Android smartphones and tablets. The ability to sync your add-ons is possible no matter which operating system you use. This … Continued

Sweet 16 Browser Theme Bracket Winners

Sweet Themes for the Sweet 16 At the start of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, there were 34 teams with browser themes. Thirteen teams  that reached the Sweet 16 offer their alma mater browser themes. Guess what it takes to be a winner? The positive energy of a connected fan base, of course! Though a … Continued

A Look at the Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Image by _sarchi Mozilla Firefox continues to be one of the most popular web browsers, and for good reason. It has a vast library of add-ons and extensions that enhance and customize one’s experience online. It’s certainly not exaggeration when one says that there is literally something for everyone when it comes to Firefox extensions. … Continued

Fishing for Water Lilies – Theme of the Week

This week’s theme of the week comes again from Firefox theme and Persona designer, Madonna, and features a theme called “Fishing for Water Lilies”. This theme features a beautiful underwater scene with various species of fish swimming about along side some Spring Water Lilies. Madonna uses a nice palette of blues from deep dark blues … Continued

Movie Star Themes

Movie Stars and Movie Star Themes Brand Thunder broke technical ground when it released its dynamically updating Movie Premiere browser theme that included movie posters, reviews and ticket sales all from leading site – Fandango. It’s still a fun and useful theme, great for any movie buff or those just along for the summer blockbuster … Continued

Irish Anime Theme – Theme of the Week

This week’s “Theme of the Week” is just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, once again comes from top Persona designer, MaDonna. The “Irish Anime” browser theme features an Anime character dressed in a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dress while holding green shamrocks. The theme is set against a light green background which helps accentuate … Continued

Official Themes of the NCAA Tournament Teams

It’s March. Madness is upon us. It’s tournament time. US productivity is down while basketball viewing is up. Whether you’re a fan of women’s basketball, or you’re following the men’s bracket, there’s no better way to follow your team and keep up with the action than a browser theme. Brand Thunder’s browser themes are brought … Continued

A Lucky 7 St. Patrick’s Day Themes

St. Patrick’s Day, the annual cultural and religious holiday celebrated around the world, is rapidly approaching on March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day often evokes images of Shamrocks, Leprechauns, Clovers, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In many parts of the world, the St. Patrick’s day holiday is celebrated with day … Continued

Top 10 Google Chrome Apps for Productivity & Fun

Google Chrome continues to grow in popularity due to its vast library of add-ons that allow users to create a more personalized, exciting, and efficient web browser. From games and organizational apps to lifestyle apps and extensions that compile all of your social networks into one place, Google Chrome is sure to have the application … Continued

Delicate in Lavender – Theme of the Week

This week’s “Theme of the Week” comes again from one of the world’s top theme designers “MaDonna“. The title of this beautiful theme is the “Delicate in Lavendar” theme compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer. This theme features light shades of purple and pink with splashes of sparkling white and blue lights with a touch … Continued

Top Celebrity Themes Contest Winner – The Angelina Jolie Theme

There so many great submissions for the Best Celebrity Browser Theme contest over the past several weeks, it was very difficult to pick just one winner. One theme stood above the rest in terms of design, creativity and captivation. The Best Celebrity Browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer is the Angelina Jolie theme created … Continued

6 Amazing Justin Bieber Chrome Themes

The Justin Bieber story is certainly one that reflects the new millennial generation. At the age of just 12 years old, Bieber’s voice was discovered by a music producer in 2008 who saw his videos on YouTube and then introduced the young singer to R&B superstar Usher. Since that discovery, Justin Bieber has taken the … Continued

A Game of Thrones Themes

The things you find when you open up your theme gallery to user generated content. The title “A Song of Fire and Ice” may not ring a bell. You may not even recall the name George R. R. Martin. Hopefully, when you hear “Game of Thrones” you envision epic adventures, an HBO series and the … Continued

Sparkle Dream Pinks – Theme of the Week

This week’s browser theme of the week is the “Sparkle Dream Pinks” theme by theme creator MaDonna. This brilliant theme mixes a variety of designs using pink flowers, an array of bubbles, angel dust and flower petals floating in the air. This theme is primarily pink (hence the name) with hints of purple and a … Continued

10 New Google Chrome Themes to Spice Up Your Browser

Brand Thunder has been working hard to create an ever increasing gallery of new Chrome themes for our users. While we started creating themes back in 2007 specifically for Internet Explorer and Firefox, Chrome themes have taken the browser theme community by storm, with huge communities of fans changing their themes regularly. To keep up … Continued

Blue Lily Dreamer – Theme of the Week

This week’s “Theme of the Week” was the Blue Lily Dreamer browser theme. This beautifully designed theme hints at Springtime with a streaming light blue background design of lilies and butterflies. The theme is soothing on the eyes and provides a nice backdrop for your Firefox or Internet browser. The theme was created by MaDonna, one … Continued

The Dark Side of Firefox, Dark Firefox Themes

Some of the more popular Firefox themes are some of the most basic designs. It makes sense, users want to spice up their browser a bit but don’t want to make it too difficult to navigate around their browser given the number of bookmarks, toolbars, add-ons, and other navigational elements to the average browser. Looking … Continued

Browser Theme of the Week – Chess Theme

This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is a theme created for fans of the game of Chess. This two-player board game with history dating back thousands of years, is played by millions of people around the world and is still one of the most popular board games of all time. This theme features your … Continued

Chrome 17 & Chrome 17 Themes

The Google Chrome has been busy. It seems new iterations of their new browser come out every few weeks with more improvements to usability, speed and security. The latest Chrome release is Chrome 17. This release features a number of improvements and updates to the rising star of the browser world. There are also Chrome … Continued

Download Themes in New Gallery

Download Themes Perform a search for “Download Themes” and you’ll find a host of offerings for personalizing your digital experiences. Sites like offers a central destination for Themes, Skins, Wallpapers and Icons. offers themes for your mobile phone. You’ll find options for Windows 7 themes, XP themes and WordPress themes. What’s conspicuous by its … Continued

Browser Themes of the Week – Dramatic Lilies & Charlize Theron

Each week, we look for the best browser theme designs  from fans using our browser theme tool. In addition to the best overall design, last week we had another competition for the best celebrity browser theme. The submissions came pouring in and the winners this week are: Best Browser Theme Design: Dramatic Lilies

Welcome BrowserNation Fans, Clients and Community!

BrowserNation Browser Themes Come to Brand Thunder You may have read earlier in the week how Brand Thunder and BrowserNation were coming together to bring the full host of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browser themes to more professional teams, artists, entertainers and more. We’re thrilled and can’t wait to get all the themes built and … Continued

Firefox 10 Themes

Firefox 10 has hit the shelves, or at least the virtual shelves of the Internet and your browser. The release came out yesterday and Firefox 10 can be downloaded right from Mozilla: Firefox 10 download. Firefox continues to iterate new versions of the browser about every six weeks to stay current with the rapid releases … Continued

Brand Thunder Acquires BrowserNation Clients, Expands Global Reach of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer Themes

COLUMBUS, OH – January 31, 2012 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser theme specialists, announced today it is the provider of record for BrowserNation clients. The agreement merges the client list of the two leading companies for interactive browser themes and takes BrowserNation clients from Firefox only and extends themes to their fans on … Continued

Best Celebrity Browser Theme Contest – Win $50

We’re looking for the Best Celebrity Browser Theme submissions from our fans. The winner will receive a $50 gift card to use at The Entertainment business is a multi-billion dollar industry and celebrities are some of the most “buzzworthy” topics discussed at the water cooler every week. There are a million shows dedicated to … Continued

Browser Theme of the Week – January Snow Theme

We are starting to see more and more entries into our Browser Theme of the Week contest and the entries keep getting better. This week’s top browser theme was created by world-renowned theme designer “MaDonna” and is called “January Snow”. Some will recognize MaDonna’s Firefox Personas in the GetPersonas gallery as well as our theme … Continued

How to Get Firefox Themes

Here is a quick an easy guide on how to get new Firefox themes for your Firefox browser. A theme is a “skin” that lets you change the look and feel of your browser. Most people use the standard boring gray theme, but Firefox has thousands of themes that can add life to the otherwise … Continued

Year of the Dragon Browser Themes

Chinese New Year Browser Theme If you’re going to be celebrating the Chinese New Year, Tet, Losar or any other lunar calendar celebration that I’m not aware of – you need to check out Brand Thunder’s dragon browser themes. It’s the Year of the Dragon and we have the browser skin for you. 3D Dragon … Continued

Social Wallpapering – Wallpaper Website Feature

Wallpaper websites are some of the most popular websites on the Internet. People love customizing their desktop with beautiful photos of nature, pattered designs, shots of the galaxy, their favorite celebrity or just a simple colored background. It helps us make our laptop or desktop “ours”, and allows us to dress up a typically bland … Continued

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Browser Themes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we have the perfect Valentine for the browser theme lover in the family: Interactive Valentine’s Day browser themes and personas. Saying “I love you” has never been so easy. Choose from a selection of skins created by the Brand Thunder team or several of our user-submitted themes … Continued

Browser Theme of the Week – My Universe Theme

We continue to add quality browser themes to our gallery each day as a result of our browser theme contest, and continued use of our browser theme tool: While there were a number of quality themes submitted last week, the top honor of “Browser Theme of the Week” once again goes to theme designer: … Continued

Internet Explorer Skins

That big blue “e” on your desktop has been getting you on the Internet for years. Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser in the world despite the voracious competition from Firefox and Chrome. What’s different from year’s past is it’s no longer acceptable to have that blue E pull up a boring gray browser. … Continued

Internet Explorer 8 Themes

If you haven’t upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 yet, the browser comes with some smart new features including search suggestions, Accelerators that help you complete tasks more quickly, and “Web Slices” which help you get updates from your favorite websites. Even though IE has recently updated to the 9th version of their browser, there are … Continued

Browser Theme of the Week – Winter Blue Snow Theme

In just four short days since we announced our browser “Theme of the Week” contest, we had a number of entries and beautifully designed themes submitted. While it’s hard to pin down just one “best” theme, we have chosen the “Winters Blue Snow” theme as the theme of the week. Perhaps this choice reflects the … Continued

Brand Thunder’s “Theme of the Week” Contest

We’re looking for the BEST browser theme designers in the world to create and submit their work to be considered in the the Brand Thunder “Theme of the Week” contest. Each week, theme designers will submit their creations to our team to be considered for the best “theme of the week.” You’ll be able to … Continued

New Firefox & Internet Explorer Themes

As a result of our Firefox & IE browser theme tool BT:Engage, we have seen an influx of some amazing new Firefox and Explorer themes grace our Gallery. Having developed Firefox, IE and Chrome themes for the past several years, we are really impressed with the talent of theme designers and the resulting themes that … Continued

Winner! Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011

Wow! What a competition for Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011. While all five finalists had merit and style, two quickly emerged as contenders for first place: Christmas Ornament and Perfect Christmas Eve. Voting was fast and furious at the end, with the lead changing several times. As in any competition, however, there can only … Continued

How to Create Your Own Firefox Theme in 5 Minutes or Less

Creating your own Firefox Themes used to be a somewhat daunting task for the average user. The days of slicing and dicing multiple images, logos and other graphics to fit into the browser header as well as accounting for multiple screen sizes were a challenge to Firefox theme makers. Further, an average non-designer who wanted … Continued

9 Amazing Firefox 9 Themes

Firefox 9 has arrived and is faster than ever.. The Firefox 9 release brings speed improvements and uses much less memory than previous versions of the popular web browser. Some are saying this Firefox 9.0 release makes it comparable to Chrome in terms of speed. Some other big upgrades when downloading the new Firefox 9. … Continued

Vista Themes for Firefox

Microsoft’s Vista is one of the leading operating systems in the world. The OS followed the popular Windows XP system but included a number of upgrades and security fixes. In addition Vista included a graphical interface upgrade called “Aero”, which was intended to be cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than previous versions of Windows. As … Continued

Best Holiday Browser Theme Judging Underway

The deadline has closed for Best Holiday Browser Theme Contest. Thanks to all those that entered and good luck! It was a phenomenal list of entries and our judges are pouring over the submitted probably at the very moment you’re reading this. The are some joyous and happy holiday Firefox themes and Internet Explorer themes. … Continued

Top Chrome Themes

There’s no denying, Google’s Chrome browser is on a roll. With almost 20% market share (as of this writing) in the browser market, rapid deployments of new versions and consistent upgrades, Chrome is poised to make a run at “top browser” in 2012. Having developed Chrome themes along with Firefox and IE for several years … Continued

New Mindless Behavior and Greyson Chance Google Chrome Themes

We’re proud to announce the release of two very popular music artists’ Google Chrome Themes to our Chrome gallery: Mindless Behavior and Greyson Chance. Mindless Behavior Chrome Theme Mindless Behavior is an American boy band, best known for the singles “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right”, produced by Walter Millsap.

Google Chrome Designers

There are thousands of Google Chrome Themes in the official Chrome Theme Gallery, and with the popularity of Chrome increasing there will continue to be more themes created on a daily basis. Here at Brand Thunder, we have a dedicated Chrome theme gallery for most of the clients we have developed themes for like: Kelly … Continued

Top 10 Best Firefox Themes

We’re often asked by fans, “What are the BEST Firefox themes in your gallery” or “Do you have a list of MOST POPULAR or TOP Firefox Themes” you can point us to? We don’t really like to play favorites with our themes, but there are some Firefox themes that stand out in terms of popularity. … Continued

Win an iPad 2 – With Your Pictures of Christmas

The Christmas Holiday themes are rolling in for Brand Thunder’s Best Holiday Browser Theme of 2011 Contest. It’s one of the easiest ways to win an iPad 2. Just design your browser theme with the world’s only DIY browser theme creator for Firefox and IE. Here are examples of early entries. You still have plenty … Continued

How to Change Your Firefox Background

Changing your Firefox Background is an easy endeavor for those wanting to spice up the look of their browser. In a few simple steps you can change the look of your Mozilla Firefox background to almost any color, design or image you can imagine. Firefox backgrounds are sometimes referred to as themes, personas, or skins. … Continued

Brand Thunder Develops First Browser Theme for Twitter Users

Fans of Twitter now have a browser theme all their own! Brand Thunder, the world leaders in browser themes and custom interactive browser themes for Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer, announce the very first browser theme developed specifically for Twitter users. The Tweet Theme, appropriately named for the ability for users to Tweet directly from … Continued

The 5 Best Mac Themes for Firefox

Mac fanatics, we have a great list of themes to dress up your Firefox browser. If you’re running Mac OS X with Firefox, chances are you have the standard gray theme across the top of your browser. Unfortunately, some of the best themes aren’t available for the Mac version of Firefox or just don’t look … Continued

Theme Spotlight: Firefox Personas & Theme Designer: MaDonna

When you think of browser theme designers your initial thoughts might be of a young 20-30 something or a “techie” type working arduously for the next great design. But since launching our browser theme creator tool this past July, we’re discovering that browser theme designers aren’t just for Generation X & Y or the Tech … Continued

Christmas Wallpapers and Your Browser Theme

Here’s the best way to decorate your computer for the holidays. Brand Thunder gives you several ways to get ready for the Christmas Holidays whenever you’re at your computer and online with our Chrome, Firefox and Explorer Christmas Themes. You can grab one of our popular pre-made themes (with a trick to brighten your desktop … Continued

Theme Spotlight: Digital Blasphemy Wallpapers & Background Themes

We’ve been creating browser themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome for several years now and thoroughly love our job. Creating beautiful and functional themes for brands and end users is one of the best feelings in the world as a designer, developer and company. But we are not the only creators of browser themes, … Continued

How to Install Firefox Themes

Installing Firefox themes are an easy task for anyone to take on and shouldn’t feel overwhelming. The good people at Mozilla make it easy for anyone to install their own theme with a few simple steps. But first a quick overview of what “Themes” are in case you are confused. A Firefox Theme is simply … Continued

Manga Fox Browser Theme Delivers Manga Online

Congratulations to the Manga Fox team for delivering a showcase example of how the BT:Engage browser theme creator builds engagement with its online community. Presenting the Manga Fox browser themes – three different looks to satisfy most any comic fan and capture the visual dynamism of manga artists. These simple add-ons to Firefox and Internet … Continued

Online Coupon Site Presto Savings Launches Coupon Browser Theme

Coupon websites are a big business online with millions of customers looking for the biggest coupons for products and services they use regularly. It seems almost every website out there has a “promo code” or “coupon” available for their offers. It makes sense, as the competition for new business is at an all-time high both … Continued

Windows 7 Firefox Themes

The browser market is heating up with Chrome almost surpassing Firefox in the latest market share updates. Internet Explorer is still king and users of Microsoft machines are most likely running either Windows 7 or Vista. Fans of the Windows 7 UI typically like the sleek look and rich blue color of the Windows 7 … Continued

Why do People Love Black Firefox Themes?

It’s amazing looking through some of the Firefox Theme Galleries out there, the relative consistency of dark or “black” Firefox themes and personas at the top of the popularity charts. It seems that people like the dark black background against their browser helping to highlight the content below with pages across the Internet that are … Continued

8 Fun Firefox 8 Themes

Firefox 8.0 is here! Sticking to it’s new(ish) rapid release cycle, Firefox is already pushing out Firefox 8 with Firefox 9 and 10 close behind.  What’s new with Mozilla Firefox 8? Well, it looks like their are three key changes that should improve the end user experience. The first being that any add-ons bundled together … Continued

Using Browser Themes to Create Free Desktop Backgrounds

People love to personalize everything. From car license plates, to clothing and even the covering on their laptop. It’s no surprise then that thousands of people around the world personalize the very computer screen they look at for hours a day each week. The average user is online 5 hours a day and is looking … Continued

Thanksgiving Browser Themes

There’s quite a bit to be thankful for this Thanksgiving 2011 and we wanted to celebrate the festive holiday showcasing some amazing Thanksgiving browser themes for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Many people dress up their desktops with Thanksgiving Wallpapers, but forget that they can dress up their browser with the same imagery. Here are … Continued

Google Chrome Wallpapers & Wallpaper for Your Browser

If you’re like most people chances are you feel pretty strongly about which web browser you use.  If you doubt it, examine the feeling you get when you use another computer and you are forced to use a browser other than the one you are used to.  It’s bizarre!  More specifically it’s bizarre how such … Continued

9 New IE9 Themes

With Microsoft’s latest IE9 release, the company made some major improvements to speed, security and browser features. Firefox, Chrome and IE continue to iterate new versions of their browsers at an increasing pace to keep up with each other and for the lion’s share of the uber-competitive browser market. Internet Explorer is still king when … Continued

Official NBA Browser Themes for Firefox, Chrome & IE

Hey NBA Fans! Does the impending NBA lockout have you wondering if there will be a season or not this year? We have high hopes that there will be a season and the NBA needs all the help it can get to bring the players and owners to a mutual agreement. We’ve been working with … Continued

Scary & Spooky Halloween Browser Themes

October is upon us and that means only one thing: Halloween! To celebrate the festive holiday, Brand Thunder offers a number of Halloween Browser Theme options for the Halloween lover in your family. Dress your browser with goblins, black cats, jack-o-lanterns and other festive Halloween graphics. These themes are available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and … Continued

7 New Firefox 7 Themes

If you’re a fan of Mozilla Firefox then you’ll be glad to know that with the release of Firefox 7 you’re getting a much faster web browser. And make no mistake, speed is a big deal for browsers. It’s not uncommon to have multiple add-ons and tabs open and loading/running at the same time all … Continued

Browser Toolbars & the Added Power of Branded Themes

Browser toolbars have come a long way.  They’ve been around since the invention of web browsers and they still fall under the same definition: a series of icons/buttons arranged on a graphical user interface (GUI) strip attached to the top section of your browser window below the URL bar.  But what makes browser toolbars different … Continued

7 Awesome Football Themes for Your Browser

Are you ready for some Football?! It’s that time of year again, the weather starts to get cooler, the days just a bit shorter, and hours of enjoyment each weekend on the TV screen with NCAA College Football and the NFL Football season. We’re big fans of Football here at Brand Thunder and have worked … Continued

Customizing Your Browser with Wallpapers & Themes

Typically wallpapers are used for desktop backgrounds. However, it’s not often that you’re sitting at your computer simply staring at the desktop wallpaper without doing anything else. More often than not, you’re probably surfing the web or budgeting your finances in Excel (yeah right!). Whether you use Mozilla’s Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome – … Continued

6 New Firefox 6 Themes

There’s a lot to be happy about with the latest 6.0 release of Mozilla’s Firefox Web Browser. They’ve improved their “Awesome Bar” or URL bar so that it’s more search intuitive. They’ve amped up security options so you can limit the amount of information the sites you browse are allowed to capture. They’ve made it … Continued

Google Chrome Themes Gallery

If there’s anything that Google does really well, it’s release new products fast and iterate often. That’s what they’ve done with Chrome, their web browser, since it’s release in 2008. Currently in it’s 18th major version it’s captured “22.14% worldwide usage share of web browsers, according to StatCounter.” This makes it one of the world’s … Continued

10 Essential Google Chrome Extensions

Most, if not all of us, can remember a time when a web browser simply was what it was and if you wanted a new feature, or a certain bug drove you completely insane, all you could do was hope that it would be fixed in the next update – and who knew when that … Continued

Difference Between Toolbars and Browser Themes

Understanding the difference between a toolbar and a browser theme can be difficult for the average user. Here is one way to think about it: a browser theme can have a toolbar as part of its interface, as a toolbar can be integrated within a theme. The reverse is not possible. It is important to … Continued

How to Change Your Google Chrome Theme

Changing your Google Chrome Theme is very simple. Just a few steps and you’re on your way to updating the look and feel of your Chrome browser or perhaps just resetting it back to the default. Follow these simple steps for changing from your current Chrome theme to another custom Chrome theme. 1:  Go to … Continued

Brand Thunder Introduces BT:Engage a DIY Browser Theme Creator for Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer

Instantly create and share a “wallpaper for the Internet” that is part Persona, part toolbar and all engagement for small and medium businesses (SMB), associations, communities, clubs, families and friends COLUMBUS, OH – July 27, 2011 – Brand Thunder LLC (, Brand Thunder, the world leaders in browser themes and custom interactive browser themes for … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces Launch of New Affiliate Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our new affiliate program, designed to reward our browser theme fans for promoting their favorite themes. Share your favorite browser themes with friends and fans while earning cool prizes from Brand Thunder. We’ve made it simple for you to promote your favorite browser theme. Simply create a … Continued

Your Favorite Browser Theme Promo – Earn an Easy Amazon Gift Card

Brand Thunder wants to know which browser theme is your favorite and reward you with an Amazon gift card for letting us know. It’s simple. Just create a short video of your favorite Brand Thunder Theme ( and let us know why you like the theme. We’ll send you an Amazon gift card right away. … Continued

Firefox Personas Versus Firefox Themes

There are several ways that you can customize the look of your browser when you’re using Mozilla Firefox to browse the web.  There are different levels of personalization, which include both Firefox Personas and Firefox Themes.  The changes that you’d like to make to the look of your browser will determine which type of adjustment … Continued

How to Change your Mozilla Firefox Theme

If you’ve recently changed your browser to Mozilla Firefox, you may not quite like the way the browser looks even though you’ve decided you like the functionality of it.  If this is the case, then you’ll find that you can easily customize the look of your browser with Mozilla Firefox themes. What are Firefox Themes? … Continued

99.6% Conversion, Teach Your Old Browser New Tricks

Marketing Sherpa gave an in-depth look at how the Ohio State University and Fathead used an interactive browser theme to engage OSU fans and offer them a special chance to win an OSU Fathead. 99.6% clicked when promo button was added to browser theme Active users of browser theme grew 52.7% month-over-month Compelling data for … Continued

Theme Thursday – Music Browser Theme – Jun 23 Winning Theme

Bring Music right to your browser along with a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card with our Music Browser theme! One lucky person who downloads our popular interactive Music theme and “Likes” from our post on Facebook or downloads and shares on Twitter will win! Fire Fox users check out theme at … Continued

Overview of Chrome Backgrounds & Themes

Google Chrome is the most recent entrant into the browser wars. Chrome has rapidly gained market share since its release and has already found a following amongst web surfers. Through its minimalist design, which is typical of Google products, you’ll find that the web browsing experience has become even easier. Google’s Chrome browser has the … Continued

Theme Thursday – NASA Browser Theme – Week of 6/2/11

The Endeavor has returned, but you don’t have to stop getting your space fix!  This week’s Theme Thursday browser and your chance to win $25 Amazon Gift Card is our NASA Browser theme!  One lucky person who downloads the NASA theme and “Likes” from our post on Facebook or downloads and shares on Twitter will … Continued

Brand Thunder Hiring Web Programmer Analyst

We need help.  Browser themes have never been more popular and we’re staffing to keep up with demand. We have immediate need for a Web  Programmer Analyst.  People in the central Ohio region will have an advantage, but we have a very dispersed team – so if you’re the right fit, there’s no geographic barrier. … Continued

Theme Thursday – Pirate Browser Theme – Week of 5/26/11

Avast ye scurvy dogs!  Weigh anchor and set course for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card with our Pirate Browser theme!  One lucky person who downloads the Pirate theme and “Likes” from our post on Facebook or downloads and shares on Twitter  will win!  Firefox users check out the theme at … Continued

What is the Brand Thunder Theme Manager?

You may have seen our “Brand Thunder Theme Manager” in one of the Brand Thunder Internet Explorer themes that you downloaded. This exciting technology makes it possible for us to provide you and thousands of our other IE browser theme fans with innovative and beautiful new themes for your browser. It’s one of two parts … Continued

Theme Thursday – Memorial Day Browser Theme – Week of 5/19/11

This week’s browser theme, that will result in a quick $25 Amazon Gift Card for one lucky person who posts to Facebook or Twitter , is our tribute to the Armed Forces – the Memorial Day browser theme. Firefox users will find the theme at Sorry IE and Chrome users, we’ll get you into … Continued

New Firefox Themes – New Mozilla Firefox Skins

Each month, Brand Thunder releases a number of new Firefox themes and skins for fans of the popular Mozilla web browser. With each new release, we are responding to the demands of our fans and the types of themes they would like to see. It’s an exciting endeavor and certainly rewarding to create new themes … Continued

Best Themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

Brand Thunder is completely changing the way that you and I experience the Internet. With savvy technology and groundbreaking ideas, Brand Thunder is customizing the user experience like never before. Both users and businesses alike are flocking to this technology and the offerings of the Brand Thunder team. There are a couple of different things … Continued

Theme Thursday – Baseball Browser Theme – Week of 5/12/11

This week’s browser theme, that will result in a quick $25 Amazon Gift Card for one lucky winner, is our tribute to the boys of summer – the Baseball browser theme. Firefox and Internet Explorer users will find the theme at Sorry Chrome users, we’ll get you into the fun soon. REMEMBER! You’ve got … Continued

Tiger Blood Browser Theme

Here’s exactly what Charlie Sheen needs to get the mojo into his road show, a little blast of Tiger Blood. In this case, it’s the new Tiger Blood browser theme from Brand Thunder. If you’re like Charlie, you’re probably spending a lot of time online searching for your next Goddess – a lot more time, … Continued

Redesigned Washington Capitals Browser Theme

The Washington Capitals were Brand Thunder’s first client and we’ll forever be in their debt for taking a chance on a fledgling company with a good idea and execution. Now, almost four years later, we’re still going strong and Caps fans, like us, are enjoying our fourth version of the Washington Capitals browser theme. Plus, … Continued

Brand Thunder Introduces World’s First 3D Browser Theme

COLUMBUS, OH – April 1, 2011 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the launch of the world’s first 3D browser theme. Available for Firefox, the 3D browser theme, dubbed 3DBT, will literally reach out and grab users and drag them into an interactive media world unlike anything currently in existence. … Continued

MLS Philadelphia Union Browser Theme

The wait is over for Union fans. The Brand Thunder browser theme for one of Major League Soccer’s newest clubs is now available. The Philadelphia Union browser theme features tickets, schedules, news, videos, and links to Union’s gear. In addition, a breaking news ticker is featured as well as links to social media outlets. Or, … Continued

Sweet 16 and Browser Themes

You can call this blog-post redundancy, or a shameless attempt at SEO optimization, but we”ve whittled down the list of browser themes from last week’s post to the Sweet 16. Actually, the Sweet 11 – some schools are behind on the browser front. So, unless you’re using the Bracket Madness browser theme, that covers the … Continued

March Browser Theme Madness

It’s that time of year. The Big Dance. March Madness. The NCAA Tournament. The Lost Weekends. The fun is about to start. With the team selection complete and everyone working on their brackets, here are a few options to feed the excitement. You can keep up with the tournament, start to finish, with Brand Thunder’s … Continued

New Browser Themes on Thunder Themes

The Brand Thunder gallery for browser themes,, has some stylish new looks for your browser. These selections are for Firefox only, so if you’re on IE and want your own – get over to our Facebook page and let us hear from you! It’s only a game. Or is it? Keep asking yourself when … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches Interactive Browser Theme for Major League Gaming

COLUMBUS, OH – February 22, 2011 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the launch of the official interactive browser theme for Major League Gaming (MLG), the world’s largest professional video game league and provider of cross platform online videogame competition. Available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, the MLG browser theme … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches Thunder Themes the Browser Theme Destination

COLUMBUS, OH – February 16, 2011– Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser theme specialists, announced today the only site dedicated to free browser-theme downloads, Thunder Themes (  Thunder Themes is the official headquarters for branded themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and soon Chrome, Turn your Internet browser into an active news source for your  … Continued

Browser Themes for the Mountain West Conference

From the gridiron to the diamond, Mountain West Conference teams enjoyed a banner year in 2009-10. For the third consecutive year, the MWC sent a record five football teams to bowl games, posting the best win percentage among the 11 FBS conferences.  A league-record four men’s basketball teams represented the Mountain West in the 2010 … Continued

Conference USA Getting Their Browser Themes

C-USA is joining the ranks of the elite schools that offer fans, students and alumni official athletics browser themes. Each theme carries the colors and style of the its C-USA school.  Plus, there is news, Facebook, Twitter, tickets and more.  Everything the fans of Conference USA sports needs. Find your schools theme here: East Carolina … Continued

Brand Thunder’s Hiring – Join Us and Make It a Great Year

2011 is looking like an amazing year.  We’re coming off a record run last year and heading strong into this one.  But we need help.  We have immediate need for three people: Client Success Manager, Web Developer/Designer and Web Analytics Programmer/Analyst (full job descriptions are below).  People in the central Ohio region will have an … Continued

Last Chance: Apple TV Giveaway!

Image via CrunchBase Deadline is midnight tonight, so wait no longer!  Download either the Firefox version of our Christmas browser theme, or the Firefox version our Classic Christmas browser theme.  You’ll see a “Contest” button in the browser toolbar. When you click it, the sidebar will open with the details. All you have to enter … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces the Launch of Bob Marley Browser Themes

COLUMBUS, OH — December 13, 2010 — Custom browser theme specialists, Brand Thunder LLC today announced the launch of interactive Bob Marley browser themes. Marley, who is known for his legacy of music, can now be a part of a fan’s Internet experience. Get it now: Designed for web browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer, … Continued

Get the Holiday Spirit with Two Christmas Browser Themes

Image by brandthunder via Flickr Sometimes the best answers are the most obvious.  When you’re sitting around wondering, “what could be better than a Christmas browser theme?” and the simple brilliance of it hits you… “TWO Christmas browser themes.”  It’s like finding an amp that goes to 11.  One might suggest since we have both … Continued

Medical Marijuana Browser Theme

Image by brandthunder via Flickr Brand Thunder cautiously announces the release of its Medical Marijuana browser theme.  This is a serious topic with serious consequences. We’re not going to ride in on our high horse and dictate the course any state, or even our country, should toke. I mean, “take.”  The last thing we want … Continued

Thanksgiving Browser Theme 2010 – Happy Thanksgiving

Image by brandthunder via Flickr Here’s a great Thanksgiving browser theme to add color and context to the up-coming four day weekend.  We know your basement is all prepped with the Christmas lights and inflatable Santa’s, but before you go Clark Griswald – enjoy a moment of serenity with this browser theme.  It honors the … Continued

ACC and PAC-10 Browser Themes Coast to Coast

Image by brandthunder via Flickr Here are a series of browser themes to interest you regardless of which coast your favorite school is on.  If you like the Atlantic Coast Conference or prefer the PAC-10, there’s something here to entice you.  Or, if you don’t want to commit to one school, especially given the volatility … Continued

Big 12 and Big East Conference’s Browser Themes

Image by brandthunder via Flickr This could have been a REALLY Big conference overview of available browser themes, but we’ve already posted about the Big 10.  Still, there’s a lot of great school themes to choose from.  And before we get any angry emails… Yes, we’re still in the heart of football season but Notre … Continued

Big Ten Conference Browser Themes

In the midst of the college football season and from the plains of the Midwest come the browser themes you crave.  Whether you want to follow one of the teams of the Big Ten Conference or follow them all in the Big Ten Conference browser theme – you can do it now.  They’re available for … Continued

Zombie Browser Theme for the Walking Dead

Not one to shy away from a current trend, Brand Thunder has momentarily left the fast-pace Internet world to introduce a browser theme that moves to its own plodding rhythm.  The Zombie browser theme will appeal to those fans of the mindless, hungry heaps of rotting flesh.  If you can’t get enough of Zombieland, The … Continued

NFL’s Buffalo Bills Browser Theme Goes Live

Image via Wikipedia When you have fans that are extraordinary, you reward them with something out of the ordinary.  Buffalo Bills fans now have a way to keep up with their team whenever they’re online through the official Buffalo Bills browser themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer. While the team has been struggling, the fans … Continued

CMT Browser Themes – Get Country

Image via Wikipedia The CMT browser themes are designed especially for Country Music Television fans.  You can choose from 5 different background colors for your theme.   You’ll also get easy access to the rest of the CMT community through links to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  The theme also includes the latest news and connections back … Continued

Aggies Browser Theme Rolls Out

The oldest public university in Texas just got the newest browser theme in the Big 12.  With the Texas A&M Aggie browser theme the home of the 12th man has just moved to the Internet. You’ll find everything you need to keep up with Aggie athletics.  The themes are available for both Firefox and Internet … Continued

New Browser Themes for ACC, UC and Wildcats

The launch of the college-athletic focused browser themes continues. If you’re a fan of the ACC and just can’t pick a team to follow, you need to check out the Atlantic Coast Conference browser theme.  Big East fans can enjoy the University of Cincinnati’s UC Bearcats browser theme.  Or, maybe your teams are all out … Continued

Browser Themes for ACC, Big 12, Big East and SEC Teams

Image by brandthunder via Flickr Make sure you’re checking the athletics site of your favorite college teams.  There are a host of free downloads landing at schools whose athletics web sites are run by College Network. The latest Firefox and IE themes to launch include: Auburn Tigers browser themes Georgetown Hoyas browser themes Georgia … Continued

South Carolina Gamecocks Browser Theme Goes Live

Put on your Garnet and Black, but this time put it on your browser.  The Gamecocks browser theme is here.  Think of it as a new media tradition for USC.  And some day, in the not so distant future, you’ll reminisce about the good old days in Columbia when Cocky was your roommate, “The Fighting … Continued

Brand Thunder and College Network Enter Agreement for University Browser Themes

COLUMBUS (August 25, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, and College Network, a leading provider of web sites for college athletics programs, announced an agreement to bring interactive browser themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer to approximately 60 colleges, universities and conferences. Alumni, students and sports fans alike can now … Continued

Brand Thunder and IGN Introduce the First Interactive Browser Themes for Gamers

Image via CrunchBase COLUMBUS (July 22, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced its first entry into the video game market with the launch of the IGN interactive browser themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer.  IGN, the premiere online media outlet for videogame reviews, news, trailers and videos, will provide content … Continued

Brand Thunder and Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Dish Indian Cuisine in Interactive Browser Theme

Image by brandthunder via Flickr COLUMBUS (June 21, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced its first entry into the Indian market with the launch of the Sanjeev Kapoor interactive browser theme for Firefox.  The best of Chef Kapoor’s vast library Indian cuisine knowledge is now rolled into a free download … Continued

Brand Thunder Themes for Internet Explorer Introduced Through Microsoft Promotional Push

Image via CrunchBase COLUMBUS (June 9, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced the launch of its add-on themes for Windows Internet Explorer on the Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery. Some of these themes have been featured on the Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery homepage at Brand Thunder, is rapidly bringing its … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces Expressions, Lightly Interactive Firefox Themes

COLUMBUS (May 3, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its series of design forward themes that offer strong visuals with a selection of interactive links to popular websites plus a multimedia sidebar featuring a video player of headline news stories. More than 50 designs that range from abstract art … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches Baseball Browser Themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer

COLUMBUS (April 26, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its browser themes for major league baseball. With the beginning of the baseball season underway, fans of the sport can enhance both Firefox and Internet Explorer with the feel of the ballpark. The free downloads are available from Brand Thunder … Continued

Brand Thunder and The Hockey News to Launch Browser Theme for Hockey Fans

COLUMBUS (April 14, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its relationship with The Hockey News to extend comprehensive coverage of the world of hockey to the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. The Hockey News browser themes will keep hockey fans connected to sporting news regardless of where they are … Continued

Brand Thunder Introduces Innovative Weather Browser Theme Powered by WeatherBug – Backgrounds Change to Reflect Local Conditions

COLUMBUS (March 23, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today the launch of its Weather theme for the Firefox Browser. The Weather theme is an advance in browser theme capabilities featuring a background that dynamically changes based on the user’s current weather conditions. The Weather theme also features the full … Continued

Brand Thunder to use Bing to Extend Web Search into Interactive Browser Themes

Image via CrunchBase COLUMBUS (February 16, 2010) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its relationship with Microsoft Corp.’s Bing to integrate their web search into all Brand Thunder interactive browser themes. Interactive browser themes are like an extreme makeover for the web browser. With an easy-to-install browser add-on, end users … Continued

Brand Thunder and the Daytona International Speedway Move Web Browser Themes into the Fast Lane

Image via Wikipedia COLUMBUS, OH – February 9, 2010 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the launch of the interactive browser theme for the Daytona International Speedway. Racing fans can get a browser theme that keeps them attuned to three of the hottest events at the preeminent race track, the … Continued

CollegeHumor Introduces New Browser Theme from Brand Thunder

Image via CrunchBase COLUMBUS, OH — January 28, 2010 — Brand Thunder LLC ( and CollegeHumor ( announce the launch of an interactive browser theme fully capable of infusing Firefox browsers with a sense of humor. Fans of CollegeHumor can find the free download at Through a small browser add-on, users’ web browser skin … Continued

Brand Thunder and The Daily Beast Launch First-Ever Web Browser Theme with a Dynamically Updating Photo in the Design

COLUMBUS, OH – January 26, 2010 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, in conjunction with The Daily Beast announce the release of an Internet browser theme tailored specifically to the avid newsreader. It is the first theme to update with The Daily Beast’s photo exclusives, plus the story headline can be revealed … Continued

Florida Panthers Launch Fan-Focused Browser Theme with Brand Thunder

Image via Wikipedia COLUMBUS, OH – January 12, 2010 – Brand Thunder LLC ( and the Florida Panthers ( announced today the launch of an interactive browser theme designed to keep fans in touch with the team. Panther fans can find the free download at Through a small browser add-on, the user’s web browser … Continued

Brand Thunder Expands Advisory Board with Industry and Entrepreneurial Vets from AOL, Microsoft and UGOBE

COLUMBUS, OH — October 29, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the addition of three new members to its Advisory Board. The board now includes Bob Christopher, former CEO of UGOBE, John Dixon, former VP at AOL, and Mark Harris, Technology Strategist for Microsoft. The members were chosen for … Continued

COED Magazine and College Candy Bring College Life to Brand Thunder’s Browser Booms!

COLUMBUS, OH (PRWEB) October 15, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the launch of two browser Booms! designed to bring the campus life to the Internet browser. COED Media Group’s COED Magazine and College Candy both offer irreverent and vital information for daily college life but from different sets … Continued

Brand Thunder Launches Beta in Preparation to Storm Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser Experience

Image via Wikipedia COLUMBUS, OH — September 29, 2009– Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today beta group availability to test the most visually immersive add-on available for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. Fans of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks ( or Washington Capitals ( can request access to private beta groups and their … Continued

Brand Thunder Ignores Economic Downturn by Tripling Business in Nine Months

COLUMBUS, OH — September 16, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today it has three times the number of clients and custom browser Booms! available to end users compared to December 2008. The visual intensity combined with useful content and functional integration into the browser have proven popular with both … Continued

Brand Thunder Introduces New Advertising Sponsor Placements within the Browser Chrome

COLUMBUS, OH – September 4, 2009 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the availability of clickable sponsored placements within the browser chrome of its custom browser Booms!. These sponsored placements are visually integrated within the browser theme, remain regardless of the website being visited, and fully take advantage of the … Continued

Brand Thunder and Phoenix Suns to Bring a Planet Orange Experience to Internet Browsers

COLUMBUS, OH – September 2, 2009 – Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today an agreement with the Phoenix Suns to offer its fans a unique online experience. Basketball fans who use the popular internet browser Firefox will be able to download a Phoenix Suns branded browser at, featuring the team’s … Continued

Brand Thunder and “Full Speed 2 a Cure” Create a Custom Browser Designed to Improve Awareness and Early Detection of Breast Cancer

COLUMBUS, OH — August 28, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today an agreement with racecar driver Emerson Newton-John’s “Full Speed 2 a Cure” motorsport cancer awareness campaign ( to deliver a custom browser Boom!. The launch of the Boom! coincides with a special auction for a keepsake Gladiator GarageWorks … Continued

Brand Thunder and the Lingerie Football League Bring True Fantasy Football to the Internet Browser

Image via Wikipedia COLUMBUS, OH — August 26, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the launch of the Lingerie Football League (LFL) browser Boom!, a visual browser takeover designed to bring LFL fans closer to the league action. It is available for download at With the launch of … Continued

Brand Thunder Signs with WeatherBug to Bring Integrated Weather Content to Custom Browsers

COLUMBUS, OH — August 20, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today an agreement to include WeatherBug content within its branded browser experiences. Brand Thunder reworks the visual style of a browser theme to match the colors, logos and imagery of its partners while also adding content and functionality to … Continued

Brand Thunder and Columbus Dispatch Deliver First Daily Newspaper Browser Experience

Image via Wikipedia COLUMBUS, OH — August 19, 2009 — Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today the availability of the Columbus Dispatch Boom!. The first product of its kind to serve the audience of a daily newspaper, this browser add-on is designed to strengthen relationships and enhance loyalty between The Columbus … Continued

Brand Thunder Brings a Little Fun to Custom Browsers with Come2Play

Image via CrunchBase COLUMBUS, OH (PRWEB) August 13, 2009– Brand Thunder LLC (, the custom browser specialists, announced today an agreement to distribute Come2Play games within its custom browser experiences. Brand Thunder’s browser customizations provide marketers with a more persistent connection to their customer whenever they are connected to the Internet and regardless of the … Continued

Brand Thunder Bolts to Add-on-Con

Well this week Mozilla and Microsoft put on their Add-on-Con (add-on conference).  The conference showcases the latest and greatest for the browser extension and addon market.  The agenda covered talks from both a business and tech side…or as I like to refer to it, Suit’s and G33ks. :) Patrick, Mike Kaply, and I all attended … Continued

Brand Thunder Hires New Business Development Manager

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (December 3, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC, the branded browser specialists, is pleased to announce that Ryan D. Miller has joined the company as Business Development Manager. Miller will be responsible for broadening the vertical markets in which Brand Thunder’s branded browsers are being utilized. He brings a solid background … Continued

MozCamp: 25 Mozilla Geeks, One day… In Canada eh!

Mozcamp: aka NorthWestMozDev Meets again! Yep it’s our 2nd meetup for our own North West Moz Dev Group. We’ll be meeting up in Victoria this time, so it was my turn to arrange the location etc. One thing really cool about this 2nd meeting, is that it’s going to be completely sponsored by the Mozilla … Continued

Brand Thunder Wins Society for New Communications Research Award for the NHL’s Washington Capitals Custom Browser Theme

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS, OH (November 20, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC, the browser customization specialists, announced today it won the award for New Media Creation, Corporate Division in the Society for New Communications Research 3rd Annual Excellence in New Communications Awards. The award-winning Washington Capitals browser theme is at The custom browser theme … Continued

Huffington Post and Brand Thunder Create Custom Browser Theme to Deliver Breaking News to Growing News Community

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS (October 27, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC, the browser customization specialists, announced today its relationship with the Huffington Post to build a custom browser theme to allow users of the Huffington Post site to get breaking news delivered directly to their Internet browser. The Huffington Post Browser also marks the first … Continued

Brand Thunder a Finalist in Excellence in New Communications Award for the NHL’s Washington Capitals Custom Browser Theme

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (October 22, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC, the browser customization specialists, announced today it is among the finalists in the Society for New Communications Research 3rd Annual Excellence in New Communications Awards. The awards program honors the work of corporations, governmental and nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, media outlets and individuals … Continued

Brand Thunder Announces Partnership with Yahoo! Search to Extend Web Search into Internet Browser Customizations

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS (September 29, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC, the browser customization specialists, announced today its relationship with Yahoo! Search to integrate their web search into all Brand Thunder browser customizations. Brand Thunder reworks the visual style of a browser theme to match the colors and logos of its partners while also adding … Continued and Brand Thunder Ink Deal to Deliver Everything Entertainment to Customized Internet Browsers

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (July 31, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC, the browser customization specialists, announced today its relationship with to build the first custom browser theme for the entertainment enthusiast. The relationship creates the first custom browser serving the needs of the Entertainment News audience. The browser features a unique visual RSS … Continued

Coolfire Media and Brand Thunder Announce Distribution Partnership for Custom Browsers

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (July 29, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC, the browser customization specialists, announced today that Coolfire Media will offer Brand Thunder custom browsers as a part of its Interactive services. The browser customizations will include the capability to offer functionality developed exclusively by Coolfire Media. Financial terms were not disclosed. The … Continued

Brand Thunder Takes Browser Customizations to Aspiring Models

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (July 15, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC (, the browser customization specialists, announced today its relationship with Dynasty Athlete Representation ( The agreement represents an entirely new channel for Brand Thunder by providing browser customizations for individuals instead of corporate brands. Two popular models will be featured, Lauren Stevens and … Continued

Brand Thunder Expands Executive Team with Two Hires

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (July 1, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC, the browser customization specialists, announced today that it has hired two internet executives, Brij Charan, Director of Technology and Design, and Kevin Dwinnell, Director of Product and Marketing. “To call either of them a ‘new hire’ doesn’t do them justice,” says founder Patrick … Continued

Brand Thunder Receives Initial Funding from TechColumbus

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (June 11, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC, specialists in internet browser customizations, announced today it received an investment from the TechColumbus Regional Commercialization Fund. The $250,000 investment will allow Brand Thunder to build out its technology platform and develop its client base. Brand Thunder creates a more persistent presence between … Continued

Geffen Records artist NLT and Brand Thunder Unveil Themed Browser

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (February 5, 2008) — Brand Thunder LLC announces the first use of its innovative browser tool within the music industry via their client Geffen Records and artist NLT. NLT is the first musical group with their own customized web browser. “Brand Thunder’s customized theme helps fans show their love for … Continued

Ohio State Football Head Coach Jim Tressel and Brand Thunder Unveil Themed Browser

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (November 2, 2007) — Brand Thunder LLC announces the first use of its innovative browser tool in the NCAA via their client, Ohio State University’s football coach, Jim Tressel. Coach Tressel is now the first NCAA football coach with a customized web browser ( “Brand Thunder gives another valuable … Continued

Washington Capitals and Brand Thunder Unveil First Pro Sports Theme Browser

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (April 15, 2007) — Brand Thunder LLC ( announces the first use of its innovative browser tool in the National Hockey League via their client, The Washington Capitals. The Washington Capitals are now the first professional sports team with a customized web browser ( “Brand Thunder’s customized theme helps our … Continued

Innovative Internet Browser Customizations Increase Brand Presence and Customer Affinity

For Immediate Release COLUMBUS OH (January 16, 2007) — Brand Thunder LLC today announces the availability of its unique web browser customization services. Brand Thunder customizes the look, feel and functionality of the Firefox web browser allowing companies to add logos, content, custom functions and more to the user experience. “Businesses understand the web as … Continued