Brand Thunder is the world leader in fan engagement browser add-ons that allows partners to take control over their audience’s browser new tab page experience. With more than 350 world-class brands already listed as clients, Brand Thunder’s interactive desktop and mobile themes provide a digital platform that integrates the brand into the users daily browsing experience.

Brand Thunder browser add-ons are available for some of the most recognizable brands in sports, music and the Internet including: Bob Marley, College Network, CollegeHumor, The Huffington Post, IGN,, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, SONY Music, Universal Music, WeatherBug and many more. With Brand Thunder, you can create, find or have us build your browser theme.

The Team

Patrick Murphy – Founder

Patrick Murphy, founder and CEO of Brand Thunder, built a business that helps companies establish a persistent connection with their online audience through the browser. Prior to Brand Thunder, Murphy worked with Internet marketing and technologies within the banking and online media industries. Murphy built “entrepreneurial ventures” within Swiss Re, Bank One and Netscape that migrated to the primary businesses once market viability was demonstrated.

Kevin Dwinnell – Product & Marketing

Kevin Dwinnell, VP of Product and Marketing, has a history of driving product innovation, testing nascent business markets and forging robust client relationships to boost top-line revenue. With more than 20 years in the interactive and digital media space performing work for leading brands like AOL, HP, Netscape and Sony to emerging media companies like Brand Thunder and Flip Video, he brings valuable insights and perspective. His experience in launching and growing new business in both B2B and B2C categories also include efforts for Hanna-Barbera Studios, Liebert/Emerson Network Power and Turner Broadcasting.

Ryan D. Miller – Business Development

Ryan Miller, Director of Business Development, has more than a decade of experience building relationships with leading brands. He’s also led efforts in technology, marketing and business development for business and nonprofit companies including Assurance Group, Sapphire Technologies and Junior Achievement of Central Ohio.

Mike Rogers – Software Engineer

While having a diverse background in web-based technologies, Mike Rogers primarily focuses on web application development. An avid supporter of web standards and open source, believing that sharing information pushes innovation, his experience includes open-source e-learning platforms and frontend engineering. As the lead developer of BT:Engage, he’s created a showcase of JavaScript, Lithium PHP framework and Mongodb.

Michael Kaply – Software Engineer

Michael Kaply has been working on Mozilla and Firefox browsers for more than 15 years and can customize Firefox to do just about anything. As a result, he’s been the driving influence behind the industry leading efforts for Brand Thunder’s Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser themes. He has created the benchmark to which other browser themes aspire.