When your favorite holiday finally rolls around, you have to go all in. Some candy for the kids? Entry-level. A few decorations outside? Baseline Halloween tradition.

True Halloween aficionados have to take it just a step further to properly represent the spookiest day of the year in a fun, unique way.

So, without further ado: Here are the top 5 Chrome Halloween themes and extensions to make sure even your PC gets in on the Halloween spirit!

Halloween New Tab by Brand Thunder

Let’s save the best for first, why don’t we? Celebrate the spookiest day of the year with these painterly, classic images of Jack O’ Lanterns, foggy landscapes, and spindly, swaying trees on every new tab you open.



This theme is for those who like a little cute with their creepy. Hey, Halloween’s for the kids (and the kid inside of us all) too!




This one, on the other hand, goes all in on the scary side of Halloween, without going to over the top.


Fall Forest Theme


This one’s more of a stealth Halloween theme, for those who like to celebrate the season as well as the holiday. Simple, attractive photography of fall in action.


Halloween Graveyard


For our last theme, one that splits the difference between all of the above. It’s creepy without any gross stuff, and surreal without being cartoony.



And there you have it: the five best Halloween themes for Chrome, to get you in the mood for the Halloween season! For more great new tab pages, Full Gallery.

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