New Mindless Behavior and Greyson Chance Google Chrome Themes

Posted on Dec 13, 2011 in News

We’re proud to announce the release of two very popular music artists’ Google Chrome Themes to our Chrome gallery: Mindless Behavior and Greyson Chance.

Mindless Behavior Chrome Theme

Mindless Behavior Chrome Theme

Mindless Behavior is an American boy band, best known for the singles “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right”, produced by Walter Millsap.

The Mindless Behavior Chrome Theme was developed for the Interscope records artist to provide quick access for the most important Mindless Behavior news and updates for fans of the group. This includes a stunning Chrome theme design with images of the band in the header and main Chrome browser area. The theme includes links to the Mindless Behavior Facebook and Twitter accounts, MB music pages, and the best of the website including their official store and street team pages. Fans will also get a news ticker to stay updated with the latest updates from their favorite artist. Check out the new Mindless Behavior Chrome theme. Fans of Mindless Behavior that use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer can find the Official Themes there as well.

Greyson Chance Chrome Theme

Greyson Chance Theme

At just 14 years of age, Greyson Chance is one of the most popular Pop artists in the world. Having completed successful world tours, performances at the White House, and multiple TV appearances including Good Morning America, Ellen, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Chance is poised to become a worldwide Pop star for years to come.

The Greyson Chance Chrome theme was created by Brand Thunder in an effort to better help connect fans connect with the Pop star. The theme features quick links to the Greyson Chance social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Access the official Greyson store with instant access to the latest music. Fans will also have a news ticker that will update immediately with breaking news of any tours, albums, appearances or collaborations Chance may be working on. True fans of Greyson Chance can always stay connected with the latest updates from the artist.

Check out the new Greyson Chance Chrome theme in our gallery. Fans of Greyson Chance that use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer can find the Official Themes for their respective browsers on that page as well.


  1. hilma rara
    January 14, 2012

    hellow greyson chance I LOVE YOU Greyson Chance ♥

  2. mindlesslyinlovetou
    March 12, 2012

    hey i love mindless behavior prodigy…roc…ray ray…and…..princeton =)))

  3. Princeton'sPrincess
    May 5, 2012

    Mindless All the time baby!

  4. kiani 143
    July 8, 2012

    i love mb

  5. kiani 143
    July 8, 2012

    i love prodigy ray ray princeton and roc royal

  6. Elizabeth
    August 5, 2012

    How Do You Get The Mindless Behavior One? <3

  7. Brand Thunder
    August 5, 2012

    Hi – simply go here:

  8. coral coverson
    August 12, 2012

    hey MB i just went your concert in Houston loved it love you prod hope i can meet you one day.

  9. mindlessqueen
    September 16, 2012

    love you rayray roc prince prodigy

  10. QueenEva
    September 22, 2012

    Luvv Mindless Behavior Buh Luvv Ray Ray Da Most :) <3

  11. felisa
    November 5, 2012

    ilove you mb

  12. felisa prodigy 143
    November 5, 2012

    ilove you prodigy you and rocroyal are the best and rayray and princeton

  13. dana
    November 20, 2012

    hi mindless behavior

  14. Dondaven
    January 16, 2015

    I luv rayray like crazy buh d rest my regards 2 u all luv mindless behaviour

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