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New Tab Experiences
Breaking the barriers of fan engagement

Brand Thunder Overview

Brand Thunder unlocks valuable online real estate for affinity brands and enterprises, giving our partners the power to take over a standard new tab with a branded experience that they control and own. Through this unique solution, our partners can communicate to their audience and staff through an engaging, high volume channel while receiving direct traffic to their most valued content.

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New Tab Experiences

Here are four reasons new tabs need to be part of your digital strategy

Disruptive Engagement

Over 16% click thru on your content

Proven Results

Our 300 partners leverage new tabs to drive incremental traffic and revenue

Multiple Touch Points

Average user sees the new tab 196x a month

Brand Visibility

Your content is 100% visible, above the fold and void of clutter

Our Blog

Youtube has allowed some very creative people a new venue to share their talents.. one of the most talented that has recently became popular is Jake Paul.  His videos are hilarious!  Lots of crazy scenarios he puts himself and his crew in.. Whether you are at the office or at home, you can enjoy this … Continued

As a TV station, you’ve realized for years how competitive your industry is for ratings. However, if you’ve been in the business long enough, you know how cutthroat it can become with far more media to compete with daily. The fact that more people watch streaming content now than they do actual TV, it puts … Continued

  Driving More Sales Know more, sell more. Tire company leverages Brand Thunder to increase distributer learning participation.   The Cooper Tire  learning management system (LMS) gets a new tab dashboard and drives users, engagement, and impressions. Tire companies rely on distributers to sell product lines.  Studies show that the more knowledgeable a sales rep … Continued

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