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New Tab Experiences
Breaking the barriers of fan engagement

Brand Thunder Overview

Brand Thunder unlocks valuable online real estate for affinity brands and enterprises, giving our partners the power to take over a standard new tab with a branded experience that they control and own. Through this unique solution, our partners can communicate to their audience and staff through an engaging, high volume channel while receiving direct traffic to their most valued content.

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New Tab Experiences

Here are four reasons new tabs need to be part of your digital strategy

Disruptive Engagement

Over 16% click thru on your content

Proven Results

Our 300 partners leverage new tabs to drive incremental traffic and revenue

Multiple Touch Points

Average user sees the new tab 196x a month

Brand Visibility

Your content is 100% visible, above the fold and void of clutter

Our Blog

In this digital age, we have information coming at us at warp speed. Often, we quickly skim through emails and messages trying to find what is important and trashing the rest. Sometimes we see something interesting and mean to check it out later, but end up forgetting completely. Those messages end up lost forever. When … Continued

NEW PROGRAM!  So many of our amazing partners have shared our story and introduced us to other professionals.  We rely heavily on referrals and word of mouth to grow, and it we want to reward those who help us expand out network.  Any individual that makes an introduction will receive a Starbucks gift card, and … Continued

2016 is almost over, and all eyes are on 2017. The countdown is officially on, and New Year’s resolutions are being set. For businesses, this means gearing up strategy for a new year, filled with possibilities for new growth and increased sales. Start 2017 off right by checking out Brand Thunder’s Enterprise Solution, which aims … Continued

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